Alternative Treatment Of Shampooing Every Day (Co washing)

Few of my readers have asked me that they want to wash their hair frequently and when they  do it their hair becomes rough and dry.
Some of them want to wash their hair regularly as they  have to  travel quite often which makes their hair dry and dirty . Therefore what should they do about it?
Answer is co washing.
Around 90% of shampoos have SLS (, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is a harsh chemical .Therefore shampooing every day makes hair dull and rough. Co washing is for those people who are fond of washing their hair pretty frequently
Let us understand what co washing is?
Co washing is a simple way to clean your hair without using shampoo. In this process you only apply conditioner in your hair and gently rub it as if you are washing it with shampoo.
Next question: doesn’t conditioner have any chemicals?
Yes, conditioner do have chemicals in them but neither they contain any SLS nor any kind of detergent.
Benefits of co washing
1 .It keeps hair moisturized and scalp clean.
2. Co washing helps especially those who have oily hair and prefer washing their hair frequently.
3. Relaxes you in scorching heat.
Different ways to co wash your hair
1. Rinse your hair under the shower and then apply conditioner thoroughly in your hair. Rub your scalp gently similar to the way you were using shampoo. After rinsing add more conditioner and let it settle down on your hair for two three minutes. Now take shower and rinse your hair thoroughly.
2 .Apply conditioner in your hair for 15-20 minutes before you take shower. Cover only the hair and not the scalp. Follow the above process of rinsing again. There is no need to re-apply conditioner as it has settle down well before only in your hair.
3.To deep condition your hair apply conditioner on your hair at night and put a shower cap on it You can wear a thin plastic polythene or tie the shower cap with a scarf. Rinse and wash it off in morning.
4. If in hurry then just condition your hair the way you normally do and rinse them properly so that hair gets clean. You should never apply conditioner in your scalp but make sure you rinse your scalp thoroughly while co washing your hair.
Some people even prefer to buy cheap conditioners so that they can co wash their hair frequently .Also cheap conditioner makes them soak every strand of hair without worry about the conditioner cost.

Therefore co wash  and enjoy your well moisturized and silky hair.


  1. Hi,Conditioner never leads to hair fall.Your shampoo can be one of the can check out many herbal remedies to cure problem of hair fall in this site.

  2. Thats great! I seriously like your posts Anamika! And co washing does help! My hair is so soft and manageable even without shampooing! I don't know how to explain what kind of hair I've got! Sometimes its unmanageable like an enraged lion and sometimes like a cute kitty!! I'm gonna do co washing everyday now!

  3. Thanks Rij for your sweet comments.Every body have their own bad hair days so dont worry about your hair and co wash them:)

  4. Thanks a million for this link. I am gonna try this. I am tired of washing my hair daily. Just saw your comment on my blog. Thanks a lot for letting me know this. Everyday shampooing is making my hair rough. Thanks so much for your advise.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  5. i too follow co washing…but i was luking fr sm mild shampoos…do herbal shampoos have dis SLS chemical? can u suggest sm mild shampoo fr regular use


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