Alternative Use Of Makeup/Skin Care Products


Mitra asks,

How does one alternately put to use the cosmetics/skin care products that doesnot suit them?

Alternative use of makeup and beauty products

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  1. With lipsticks, i usually will combine them with another shade or lipgloss to make it brighter, more subtle etc..
    With blushes, i use them as an eyeshadow as well

  2. i have so many things to say in this questions..if a moisturiser doesnt work for me i use it as hand cream or foot cream..same with eye cream..

    lipstick mic and match with lip glosses like appu said, then eyeshadow generally works most of the time and blushes can be used as eyeshadow too.

    then face scrubs on feet and hands or body scrub again…

  3. Same here..I use moisturizers which dont work on my feet. I also use concealor as a primer when travelling so that I have lesser to carry…

  4. ..i use fairness cream on feet at keeps ur feet tan free…tried n tested by me for many yrs..though i dont use fairness prdts on my face for feet and hands i find them grt.
    lipstick shades as cheek cream base/eyeshadow base.. :-))

  5. Fairness cream for hands and feet. !! Never thought about it.

    Thanks guys. Blushes as eye shadow..i will try that with the bright fushia pink that i have..

    I use the scrubs that dont suit my face for the body…

  6. you can apply your nail paint to toes, hehe just kidding :rotfl:
    1 use your foundation as a body make up (mix foundation with a moisturizer and apply )
    2 mix foundation with a sun screen, it will give sun protection and act like a bb cream
    3 use toner toner as aftershave, apply to legs after shaving.
    4 use blush/eye shadow
    lip liner / eye liner alternatively
    5 use vaseline as a cuticle cream
    6 i’v seen people making their own tinted lip balm and gloss
    (by mixing vaseline and some lip color, you can do that)
    7 mix your lipstick with any cream and use it as a cream eye shadow(mix with sunscreen to get a unique shadow with spf haha)
    Hope it helps

  7. few more-
    -You can use fairness cream to lighten the underarm area.
    -Eyeshadow to fill eyebrows
    – Vasline to just give a shine to eyelids, on eye lashes like a transparent maskara

  8. Hi,
    Adding to the above list…
    donot throw away the emptied mascara tube….clean up the mascara wand and fill little coconut oil in that and in the night you can curl your eye lashes…that wise it nourishes your lashes and gives good growth. At times after i powder my face, i clean up my brows n lashes with this wand, so that there is no trace of powder.
    2) Sometime back i bot a sunscreen lotion, which was making my face oily. So i started using it on my feet. It removed the tan and now my feet is happy.
    3)Shampoos, which you donot like…use it as car wash.
    4) I once bot a cleanser (H & G owned product), which i did nt like, but wanted to use on something. I used to put them along with washing powder into the washing machine..especially babies nappy clothes…it used to smell good. i do it even now.
    5) If you donot like any perfume or body spray…just use it as toilet freshner or room spray!!! Sometimes after washing the curtains…i usually spray that it smells good and there is some fragnance.
    I will add few more, once i remember


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