Always Wear Your Invisible Crown


Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

Almost each day I come across many motivating things and just wonder sometimes how easy it would be if people specially women pondered over these motivating thoughts in their day to day lives. I am not saying that it is very easy because there are many of us who have struggled so much in life to reach a point in life where they can look back and evaluate their journey as worthy or not!

don't let the tiara fall

Honestly speaking, women are in charge of their own happiness and there is practically nothing which can cause them to feel sorry about themselves unless its their own conscious! Women are emotionally balanced and stronger than any species and this is why the power bestowed by Nature should not be allowed to go in vain!

being beautiful

Always remember its only up to yourself who can decide the course of your life and if any body says that its is not the truth, that is utter false!

Believe In Your Dreams

Believing in your dreams and your vision towards life will eventually end you up in a happy state of life. The ticking clocks & the speeding age should not haunt your thoughts and you should always believe what your worth is. Always believe that anything happens in life you are always going to be your favorite self. Choose your actions wisely, show kindness towards those who don’t have anything up to you! You are a Queen in your own world and no body can take that Invisible crown from you ever!

always wear your crown

Believe it or not but life is amazing that way! Your parents and family adore you like anything, if you have kids they always reach out for none other than you! Moreover your life partner is all along with you in good or bad! You love and get loved back and I think there is nothing greater than that in the world.

women with invisible crown

Believing in the capabilities you have is yet another thing which makes you feel stronger from the inside. What you have cannot be matched by anyone in this universe! Feel beautiful and stay cheerful whatever be the day! Don’t let the wrinkles take over the smiles curves as you age gracefully! For the young or the old, I believe that every women is blessed with that Tiara to make you feel like the daddy’s Princess andΒ  your soul mate’s Queen!

Always Believe In Your Self

So make sure you hold your head high and walk with that invisible crown! Let the haters burn with envy! πŸ˜‰

stay strong princess

Whenever life has been a little tough you stood up and came through! Never let your chin down for you are the Queen with the Invisible crown! πŸ™‚

Well, this was not a planned look at all and is a result of my imagination! I am loving the beachy curls in my hair these days and so much so that practically I am doing the same hairstyle over and over again! Probably it is a phase of curly hair love and I am enjoying it to the core! πŸ™‚

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 I hope you like this random post and agree with me all you Queens!

What is your motivation in Life these days?

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