Am I Ugly



Am I Ugly

Hello ladies….. Noooo… let me greet you all again!!!

Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

How are you all ?

Today I am here not with a review or with any beauty informative article; rather I am here to talk about a topic that is a bit sensitive. We as humans are always conscious about looks, those who deny are absolutely lying.

We dress to look good, we do makeup to look good, we get clicked till the time we get that perfect looking picture and there is nothing wrong doing that. But when how everybody is trying to look good or is confident about ones look, there are few who are not that confident about themselves; infact are a little depressed about how they look.


Am I Ugly



The google searches are filled with such queries and I really wonder that what makes people think this negative about them? Why people are more concerned about other’s opinion?

While we put in efforts to look our best but taking everybody’s opinion is not a good idea after all people have varied opinions and working according to everybody is not at all possible. So why even bother?

Well to the people who actually question “Am I Ugly” , I dedicate this post and probably this will help them to know the real thing that makes them beautiful and feel more beautiful about themselves.

Read On.

There Is Nothing UGLY:

When I write it, I really mean it. There is nothing as such ugly, it is how we see things. A dress that you see at the ramp may look ugly to you, but the designer who created it loves it and that dress sells too! So it clearly means that what is ugly for one vision is the most beautiful thing from someone else’s vision.

Confidence: The question “Am I Ugly” very clearly depicts lack of confidence. I say that the social media plays a crucial role in affecting your confidence. You see how many less likes you have on your picture but why don’t you see how many likes you have. Social world is a virtual world which does not exist so why do let opinions of the social world affect you.

Talk To Yourself: This may sound absurd, but yes talking to oneself helps. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself the same question, “Am I Ugly”, you will answer NO. So just that you know that you are not ugly, why even ask such a negative question. Look at yourself and appreciate those twinkling eyes and the sparkling smile of yours, you never know you may just fall in love with yourself.

Care & Pamper: Yes, this is very important. While you know what your great features are you should try and care & pamper them too. Infact care & pamper your overall body, from head to toe. Not just it, you should also focus on what you eat, healthy and nutritious food will not only keep you healthy but will also enhance your beauty.


beauty self confidence


Groom Yourself: Why not groom yourself? You know how pretty Cinderella was, She was kept un-groomed throughout the story and real her beauty was kept hidden, but the moment she was presented groomed in well kept hair and perfect dress, she looked beautiful that even the price fell onto his knee for her.


cinderella disney character


Keep your brows in shape, keep hair in place, dress well and see yourself again in a mirror….. wow …. Did you just fell in love with the image in mirror?

Self Esteem: Develop a sense of self esteem. Don’t let people judge you and do not allow their opinions to effect you. Have the attitude “I Don’t care, I Love It”. Brace yourself, love yourself and let the haters see you as a person with esteem.

Take Pride: Take pride in what you have got and how you are. All the above points can really help you but the moment you begin to hate yourself and compare yourself, it is then the situations go bad. You can groom yourself but cannot change yourself. You want an hourglass figure but you are blessed with a pear figure, so in that situation you cannot hate yourself. You should instead take pride in the curvy pear shape of your body and take care of it.

Take Inspiration: This is best way to feel yourself good when you are not in a state to take pride because of your unfulfilled desires. Oval facial shape is said to be the best feminine facial shape while the Square facial shape is assumed to be like a little not so attractive facial shape. So what should a person with square shape do? Remember Angelina Jolie…. Well who forgets her to be remembered? She has square shape and she is amongst the most gorgeous women.




You can take inspiration from her and do makeups like her too compliment your face shape rather than complain, crib and cry!!!

Just be yourself, and do what you are good at and do not let anyone’s opinion get you depressed. I hope you to now say. “I am beautiful”.

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Till then bye, beautiful people, take care & spread smiles 🙂

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  1. If somebody ask me i they are ugly or not i ill seriously think they are kidding ..Comeon! We all are beautiful in own way ..its all about how you let your brain think


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