Amazing Benefits Of Herbal Tea


Amazing Benefits of Herbal Tea

Early in the morning on empty stomach nothing can give you fresher feeling than a cup of soothing herbal tea. It can make you feel relaxed and fresh starting your day perfectly. The same way in the evening after a hectic time, this cup of herbal tea can really relax you. So about which herbal tea I’m talking about and how can it benefit you? Let’s check them all today.

Herbal Tea:

Don’t get confused about herbal tea with normal tea. Technically it isn’t tea; in fact it is a drink with herbs infused in to it. Infusing leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, etc. into hot water gives herbal tea but we don’t use the regular tea leaves or tea powder in it. This is the form in which we get all the benefits of the herb in more digestible form.


  1. Herbal tea hydrates body and skin perfectly. Drinking it twice or thrice a day can be really beneficial to you.
  2. Herbal teas are usually very rich in antioxidants which prevent free radicals from attacking healthy cells and tissues and prevent cancer and many health problems.
  3. Each herbal tea has its own benefits but most of them provide a protective shield boosting immunity.
  4. These have anti-bacterial properties as well due to which it is well capable of treating many health issues.

These were few well known common benefits of herbal tea and now let us consider few herbal teas and their benefits.

Green Tea:

Green tea Clarifying Mask

This is a wonder herb and many people and practitioners prefer this over others. It lowers cancer risk, lowers cholesterol, improves heart health, etc. it is very rich in antioxidants especially polyphenols which are known to suppress free radicals. This tea also lowers high blood pressure, prevents tooth decay and many health problems.

Chamomile Tea:

chamomile tea benefits

Chamomile is yet another herb well accepted by population due to its soothing capabilities. It helps in digestion, soothes stomach and relieves bloating. It helps in reducing stress and relaxes the mind. Those who suffer from insomnia can benefit from chamomile tea. However few are allergic to it; so check if you too are allergic.

Ginger Tea:

ginger tea benefits

Suffering from stomach issues? Ginger tea is for you. It energizes and stimulates your digestive system. It aids nausea and cures inflammation due to arthritis.

Cardamom Tea:

cardamom tea benefits

Both cardamom seeds and its white flowers can be used to prepare this tea. It has slightly pungent and aromatic flavor. It aids in digestion and nausea. And it relieves flatulence, coughs and cures pulmonary disease. If your body is full caffeine or you had too much of caffeinated drinks then 2 glasses of this tea can help you get rid of it. Cardamom tea also cures mood swings during menstruation period.

Lemongrass Tea:


The citrusy lemongrass tea aids in digestion and so is usually taken after dinner. Citral is the substance present in lemongrass which is responsible for aiding stomach problems.

Peppermint Tea:

peppermint tea benefits

Peppermint also helps in digestion and relieves flatulence. It is a perfect medicine to treat irritable bowel syndrome and gallstones. Also it eases nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. It also freshens breath, treats muscle aches, chronic pains, coughs, asthma, stress and congestion. Heartburn can be aggravated with peppermint tea; so those suffering with this problem should strictly avoid this tea.

Sorrel Tea (Hibiscus flowers):

 sorrel tea benefits

Dried hibiscus flowers are used to make this tea. It lowers high blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol and boosts immunity. Rich antioxidants in this tea destroy free radicals that cause cell damage.

Aren’t all these herbal teas so beneficial for health? I can guess you tried green tea, ginger tea and chamomile tea since these are available but have you tried others as well?

Which of these herbal teas do you drink?

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