Amazing Benefits of Jaiphal


Amazing Benefits of Jaiphal

Jaiphal is an amazing natural resource which is easily found in kitchens. It has many benefits which are still not known to the world and people are still discovering this. Today is the time when we – me and you discover it too. If you had known it since always, good for you and if not, you would learn it by the end of this post for sure!
Jaiphal, also known as nutmeg is a spice used in our homes almost on a daily basis. It’s ayurvedic utility is definitely known to our predecessors and we definitely do need to know the rich benefits we can derive from this.
Let me quickly take you through its benefits. It is completely full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can take care of many problems which otherwise could get chronic and make us suffer.

Jaiphal & Cough:-

The common most cure that Jaiphal works effectively on is for cough. If you are suffering from cough, you need to mix jaiphal with honey. For this you need to rub jaiphal on a stone and create a paste to be mixed and taken with honey. Take this for 3-4 times during the day for complete cure.

Cold & Jaiphal:-

 how to remove cold
Even for common cold, rubbing the paste of jaiphal and water can cure the cold easily.

Insomnia & Jaiphal:-

uses of jaiphal
Yes! It is very helpful in curing insomnia if you have been suffering from it. All you need is to mix a pinch of powdered nutmeg to your milk and drink it before you go to bed.


jaiphal for teeth
Jaiphal is very beneficial on tooth ache. If you apply the Jaiphal to your gums and teeth you can achieve respite in no time.


benefits of jaiphal

Jaiphal is beneficial for skin due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. You can apply a mask made with 1 tbsp each of jaiphal, honey and lemon to your face and see the difference. It works really well on acne and other problems like rashes. If, however your skin is extra ordinarily sensitive, you should test it before using.

Jaiphal in Headache:-

If you constantly suffer from headaches, may be your search has come to an end. Use a paste of jaiphal with water on your head and you would be surprised with the effect it provides. I have personally tried this and can vouch for it to be effective.

Bad breathe issues & Jaiphal:-

This spice can also be used to cure bad breath. If you face this, you need to use a pinch of Jaiphal along your toothpaste and use it. You will witness a lot of difference in your mouth odor due to regular use. Nutmeg or Jaiphal kills the bacteria in your mouth too well and helps you achieve a healthy hygiene for your mouth and teeth.

I hope you liked these benefits and saw that we could add it simply to our daily routine and derive these advantageous solutions to so many problems that we face.
One should, however not consume excessive amount of Jaiphal as it has a hot tendency inside. It may lead to nausea or stomach ache or any such similar disorder in case of over consumption. It should not be taken more than 3-6 grams during a day.

People with symptoms of high blood pressure or diabetes should always consult their doctors before consumption to avoid any health hazards.


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