Amazing Benefits of Vetiver for Skin, Hair and Health


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Vetiver is a precious herb just like other herbs and flowers. It is basically a grass which possesses amazing health, skin and hair care benefits. Generally, in India ‘Vetiver’ known as ‘Khus’ which is popularly known for its cooling properties. Khus is also used in drinks and has a flavouring ingredient on it too.

The name ‘Vetiver‘  is derived from Tamil language’s  “Vetiver”. It comes in the pure form of grass or root and has great medicinal and beauty benefits. You can plant at your home too or you can find it in the market as well.

India is a tropical country and hub of precious herbs. Here, we can find some rare herbs and elements which are highly recommended for home remedies for different kinds of concerns. When it comes to soothing properties, Vetiver tops that list, because it is such a natural body cooler. I adore Vetiver in the form of mist as it has an amazing fragrance which calms the senses instantly.

Vetiver for Skin Care-

It’s cooling and soothing properties make it the best friend of skin when it comes to caring. You can use Vetiver grass powder in your homemade face masks or you can prepare Vetiver root water and use it as hydrating mist on a daily basis. Here I have attached one picture of one the most raved Kama Ayurveda Vetiver water which is a must try.


Vetiver Essentials Oil –

Vetiver essential oil has million of usage and goodness for different kind of concerns. It has amazing anti -fungal properties which makes it as an active remedy. You can use it as an anti- bacterial agent or mosquito repellent too. If you have an oily and acne prone skin, then it is truly God sent remedy for your skin, just add a few drops of Vetiver essential oil in your face mask or in Aloe Vera gel and apply it and feel the difference.


Vetiver for Body Care – There are so many handmade soaps and body sorbets, lotions and even scrub available in the market. These body care products contain Vetiver powder as a major ingredient. It is a great detoxifying agent too. If you are someone who is suffering from Back acne issues, then try it for sure.

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Vetiver for Health –

We all fond of ‘Khus cooler’, don’t we? In India ‘ Khus or Vetiver syrup ‘ is really famous to make summer coolers or drinks which instantly cools down body temperature and flush out the toxins. It has antibacterial properties which are highly beneficial if you are suffering from acidity or heartburn problems.



Vetiver for Hair-

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There are so many Herbal and Organic brands in India who makes amazing hair care products like forest essentials, Kama Ayurveda etc. At home, you can your Vetiver root water as a clarifying agent for your scalp and hair and for summers it is a must try as it has amazing cooling and stress relieving properties.


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