Amazing Home Made Hair Packs To Straighten Your Hair Naturally


Amazing Home Made Hair Packs To Straighten Your Hair Naturally

Those amazing straight flawless locks which turns heads of every passer by.Straight shiny hair are something which look amazing on every girl on this mother earth. It is something which can enhance your look beautifully even when you are with plain outfits and no makeup.
You must have seen the drastic change in KajolÅ› appearance. From DDLJ to Dilwale, nothing has changed apart from her hair and makeup. Her frizzy hair no doubt looked great but she was a young actress that time and now at the age of 41, she still look so flawless and young.

The major thing is her hairdo.Straight hair can make anyone look young and different.
I loved the hairdo of Kangana in Queen, she looked super cute and decent in straight hair from her usual curly hair at the times of Gangster.

kangana hair in gangster

So this is the difference. If actresses can do why not we? Are we any less than these actresses? :D.But I do know how scary it feels when you think about going for Rebonding and smoothening as we have seen so many ladies who have damaged their hair.

Rebonding will undoubtedly give you a queen feel for sometime and everyone would be praising your looks but after some time only you will starting feeling damaged hair. As no matter how confidently these salons says that your hair will be same like day one but we all know the truth. With time like in a year only, your will see damaged ends.

rebonded hair

Once done with these artificial processes, you can not go back to your natural hair.
Also this artificial process are such a shock to your pocket, but not only the process, you need to stuck to Rebonding approved shampoos suggested by parlour which are almost 5 times the price of your normal day to day shampoo.

We all love how deeply we connect to natural ways of getting things done, be it straightening the hair, getting the desired hair color, brightening the complexion, etc.

Nature has all solutions for your problem. We just need to try and keep patience to make things work out. Patient enough to let things work out and deliver results.
So today we will be talking every possible natural way to straighten your hair. We will discuss those techniques which are not only very easily available but are super duper light on your pocket.
Try these methods and let us know which one became your favorite.

Method 1.Banana Hair Mask:-


banana for hair

Banana adds life to hair and have natural aids which makes your hair healthy.
For hair straightening, Take 2 overripe bananas, 2 tablespoon of honey, 1 small bowl of yoghurt and 3 tablespoon of olive oil or mustard oil.

Now grind them all and make it a fine paste. Apply both on the scalp and your hair properly and put a shower cap on your hair. If you don’t have shower cap, than you can cover your hair with plastic polybag as well. The purpose is just to cover the hair from air so that it doesn’t get dry and break.

Keep it for ½ an hour to 45 minutes. Now wash your hair with soft hands with normal water and then with shampoo.
Repeating this process once in a week for 2 months will give you naturally straight and long hair.

Method 2 - Rice Flour, Multani Mitti and Egg Mask:-


benefits of multani mitti

This is one amazing and tried tested formula for getting shiny straight hair like salons.

1. Take one cup multani mitti (fuller earth) ,add 5tsp of rice flour in it and add 1 egg white. Now mix all the ingredients together. You can add little water to make a loose paste. Cover up your scalp and hair thoroughly with this pack.

Few things which you have to take care of while using this pack are as follows:-

1. Take a wide comb and comb your hair down 2-3 times before you apply the pack.

2. Massage your hair with oil at night and use this hair pack the next day.

3. While you apply this hair pack keep combing your hair straight in between. Idea is to keep your hair as straight as possible.

4. Let the pack dry completely which takes around 40 minutes. Wash it off with water. Multani mitti take time in getting out but if rinse properly it takes around 15 minutes.

Repeat twice in a month for at least 2-3 months for naturally straight hair.

Method 3 - Aloe vera Gel Mask SMART 121:-


uses of aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is extremely good for skin and hair for its soothing properties. It nourishes both from inside.What basically you need to do is take 1/4th cup of warm olive oil and 2 leaves of aloe vera. Peel aloe vera and grind it and mix it with oil and apply on your hair after combing your hair. Apply with brush in the direction of your hair and leave it for 20 minutes at least.
Wash with normal water. Shampoo your hair .After few repetitions, you will see the difference in your hair. They will soon become straight and healthy like never before.

Method 4 - Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice:-

coconut milk how to prepare

Mix half bowl of Coconut Milk with 1 Lemon Juice and wash your hair with it. Rinse on your scalp.
Comb your hair in wet hair and leave for 20 minutes.
Now wash your hair with lukewarm water and again comb it. Shampoo them properly to see straight hair.

Method 5 - Banana and Papaya Hair Mask

how to make papaya hair pack

As we have discussed above, Banana is extremely good for hair so we will try one more pack of banana.

Take 1 banana and one thick slice of papaya. Take equal portions and blend them well to make a thick paste. Add 2 tablespoon of honey in it and mix well again.
Now with the help of brush, apply this paste on your strands and leave them for 15-20 minutes.
Wash afterwards and notice the difference.

Method 6 - Celery:-


celery review

Take a bunch of celery and put grind it with 1 cup of water. Take out the filtered juice from it and fill it in the glass bottle. Put this bottle overnight in a refrigerator.
Now apply this juice on your hair while combing continuously. Keep this or your hair for 20-30 minutes than wash.

Method 7 - Rosemary Leaves and Olive Oil:-

benefits of olive oil

This method is also one of the best one to consider for straightening hair. Repeating this method once in a week for 2-3 months will give you straight hair and for a longer period of time.
Take ½ cup of olive oil and heat  it. In heating oil, put 7-8 rosemary leaves in it.
Allow it to cool down. Massage your scalp and hair from that oil and wash after 30 minutes.

Method 8 - Honey, Milk and Strawberry Hair Mask:-


Take 1 cup of unboiled Milk and mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey. Grind and make a paste of 3-4 strawberries and mix it with milk and honey.
Now before applying, wet your hair and soak all the water in towel.
Comb your wet hair with wide comb and apply this paste with broad brush.
Wash after 30 minutes.

Method 9 - Soybean Oil and Egg
benefits of egg


Soybean oil is good for both skin and hair. Washing face with Soybean distilled water can brighten your complexion. For straightening your hair, take equal portions of Soybean Oil and Castor Oil and heat the mix.

Mix 2 egg whites in it and apply on the scalp and hair.
Leave your hair for 20-30 minutes with shower cap on your head.
Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner.


Method 10 - Vinegar


Vinegar is extremely good for hair. Using Vinegar in place of conditioner after shampoo can do straighten your hair like nothing else.Just wash your hair with shampoo like you usually do. Now add 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 2 cups of normal water and rinse your strands with it.
Wash with  water after 5-10 minutes.

It is almost impossible if you do not see results from these natural methods but if still not, you can go for

1. Keratin Earth Hair Straightening and Smoothing System:-

 Keratin Earth Hair Straightening and Smoothing System.
It has good reviews in the market and seems effective as well. A bit costly product but is available in the market.
With daily usage, it will give you temporary effective result.


2. Matrix

hair smoothning-mask

Matrix Products for straightening hair is a good option. With visible results it won’t make a hole in your pocket as well.
Matrix solutions are easily available and are comparatively lower in price.


3. Schwarzkopf straightening cream:-

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Treatment Review
Amazing results but too costly.Available on big stores and online.Other options are also available in the market which guarantee good results.

You can check out this Aloevera trick which I really liked for hair straightening


  1. On recommendation of my sister, Rachana (of Veggi Fare fame), I got to know abt ur blog n found it very helpful…I wanted to know do I use boiled milk or unboiled milk(kacha doodh)for straightening my hair…Thanx n have a nice day!!!

  2. Hey Puja!!!Thank you so much for visiting my blog.always use kaccha doodh in your home remedies .It is more [email protected] Khushi..Recently got my hair cut done and the girl spoiled it all..Will have to work on them again.Have a nice day ahead:)

  3. Hi Anamika, I was browsing through the web when i came across ur website . I must say ur blog is not only informative but also the solutions r honest . Comin 2 my problem ……durin winter I used lemon on my hair for dandruff (although it got rid of it and it made my hair amazingly soft) , it bleached my hair . My hair looks dull , lifeless and brown . Plz suggest a treatment that will make my hair black again . Thanks , Have a nice day .Soniya

  4. Dear Soniya,Lemon bleaches your hair if you go out under the sun after using it..It is always advisable to use lemon only when u r at home for whole day and dillute it with honey ..Honey will mositurize your hair and lemon will keep dandruff away..also if dandruff strikes you again then use onion juice in your hair.Just massage it in your hair…i know onion stinks a little but bare it for a while and then use shampoo and conditioner it wont stink..Coming to your black hair problem-Massage your hair with sesame oil..Sesame oil is pungent in smell so it is better that u mix it with olive oil.second thing which you can do is use this remedy will make yur hair black link is below you do not have the patience to follow this then take amla and shikakai powder and mix it with 2 glass of water in a mug..Let it stay over night and wash your hair with it.keep it for 10 minutes and then wash your hair again with a shampoo of your choice..Your hair will get black again..Hope this help you.Do let me know if it did.:)Thank you for liking my blog..hope to see you around here more:)RegardsAnamika:)

  5. Hey A, lovely snap.Have been following your blog for awhile now. I chanced upon your blog when Googling for dry hair care. Yours is the best blog for hair care.. Totally lovvee it :)I was wondering applying mutani mitti to hair doesn't make it dry? when I tried it on my face it slightly dries my skin.

  6. Hi V,Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and following it..Yes multani mitti does make your hair dry so it is advisable to regualarly apply oil to your hair.Whenever you use the above pack use mayonnaise or egg yolk with olive oil..They are great conditioner and will prevent the hair from getting dry..Thanks for appreciating my blog..Hope to see you around.RegardsAnamika

  7. Hi Anamika , This is Soniya back again . I must say tons & tons of thank u . Ur blog has been God send . Only 4 weeks into the regime and can see visible difference in color , texture of my hair . Hope to continue for next couple of mnths .I am quite interested in using lavender oil treatment too , shd i use it with sesame oil ? Thank you ,Sincerely ,Soniya .

  8. Oh thank u so much Soniya ..I am glad I was able to help me herbal remedies work only if we know what to use..also i advised 2 herbal remedies to you which one did u use…?

  9. hey anamika..I would like to knw if i can subtitute rice flour wid nythng else? eid is 1 week away and I couldnt rebomd my hair..expensive!! thot of doing it the natures way.. after how many days should i get a straight hair(satisfactory).

  10. HiYour hair looks awesome. cant believe it was dont at parlour. I tried your multani mitti stuff today. God applying it was a mess,but i have a doubt….is it enough if we rinse it out can iapply shampoo and conditioner after that/??? Also you had told about olive oil and egg yolk for conditioning when should i do that and how much quantity should i take. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read my comment and reply. Jayanthy

  11. i don know the substitute of rice flour can see satisfactory result in 1 or 2 months..not in a week:(got to be patient with natural remedies..but patience pays as they give long term result:)

  12. Hi DearThanks for the reply. I recently bought a hair straightener. So just wanted to know if i could use both pack and above. Also kindly advice me on how to use straightener as it is the first time i am going to try.Also i have been reading ur other articles, your website is awesome.jay

  13. i hav applied this pack really worked even in my first application.but while combing my hair in between applying this pack, i lost 20% of my hair(even after making a loose paste).

  14. Hi ..multani mitti does entangle your do brush your hair nicely before using this pack and use it in one will help.thanks for writing your feedback.

  15. Yup am following that too.BTW is gold facial by Shehnaz Hussain will be good before the wedding.I do not have any problem with my skin though.What do you think about going for face bleach? am really not sure about the bleach effectDebasree

  16. when u take the fascial then you take the bleach as your skin in a good parlor and she will recommend you the right facial for your skin..don over experiment on the last day if some side effects take place then your whole mood will be spoiled..

    better to ask your beautician ..she will recommend you the right package.

    If you have not done bleaching before then try oxy bleach now..if it suits you then you can re use it on that day as well..

  17. thanks a lot! Am planning to buy makeup products for regular use which can be used after the wedding like for parties,work etc.Pls suggest me foundation,concealer,compact,blush for day/night wear.Debasree

  18. Hi your daughter must be quiet young for other remedies i suggest you to wash her hair with neem leaves water .Just rinse them .this will help in getting away from the problem.Thanks ANmaika

  19. hi!!!!!!!
    i liked ur blog,i want to know dat we hav to apply oil on hair before night and we dont hav to wash it off before applying the pack,i.e we hav to apply pack on oil???
    plz reply soon

  20. this pack is just gr8, u look amazing btw, have to try this coz my hair is so unmanageable..but just tell me what oil should I massage the night before I apply this pack? and can I use garnier ultra doux conditioner? instead of egg yolk and olive oil? I dnt hav any probs wid the egg smell,am used to it 🙂 thanks..I cant wait to try gonna do this on plz reply me as soon as possible. 🙂

  21. you can use any non fragrance oil girl..
    and no condiitoner only egg yold and olive oil as specified..:D

    thanks for the kind words:)

    do come your hair well before using it..its a pain to remove the pack:D

  22. Hi Anamika,
    I have recently connected with this site. I think U r the whole and sole of the site :-)) all the tips and blogs of Ur’s are very good. I was actually searching natural remedy for hair straightening, b’coz in Parlors it will cost around 12 thousand, I will definitely try Ur tip, hope this will work 4 me also , I hv thick, wavy hair.
    Thanks.. O:-)

  23. Hi Anamika,

    Just came to this page and I think i will definitely try it, bt pls tell me u said we hv to apply oil in the nite before applying the multani mitti, so after we rinse out the multani mitti can we shampoo and condition the hair to remove the oil or els the oil will remain in the hair.

    • Thx fr yr reply, will try ths def. I also tried the other 1 recommended by yr friend using milk bt tht dint work. I hv very dry and frizzy hair as i had straightened my hair thrice due to which the texture of my hair is spoilt. Can u pls advise me some real good homemade packs to bring back the shine and silkiness to my hair and also something for excessive hairfall 🙂

  24. Hi Anamika,

    Was going through your bolg, I will be really grateful if you could suggest me some remedies for grey hair. I have got loads of grey hair.I applied amla, shikakai everything but it didn’t workout.waiting for your reply.

  25. Hi Anamika ji,

    I just came across ur blog and really loved it. 🙂
    Have one query .. can we replace egg with anything else as i am pure veg and i dont eat even eggs 🙁 🙁 :(..Looking fwd for your reply.

  26. Hi Anamika, Thanks for ur quick response. Dry amla and shikakai soaked in iron vessel over night and the next day before applying, i used to put hibiscus flower, methi and coffee powder.I tried this for 2 months but it nothing happened. Can i apply l’oreal hair colour to cover my grey hair and continue using your home remedy.I think by doing this i can hide my grey hair.Today i am going to try your multani mitti hair pack. Lets see but m quiet excited. Will give you the feedback.

    • Namita..if u use any chemical in yur hair then u r not advised to use any mehndi so it wont help..

      u didn’t add mehndi in it so that is wy it didnt give any colour to you i believe.

      an multanimitti pack is to straighten hair and not to cover grey hair..:)

      • I know multanimitti pack is to straighten hair. Actually i was talking about your Homemade remedy for grey hair. :-))

  27. Hi Anamika,

    As i told you , i will give you the feedback on Multani mitti hair pack.I can notice a bit change in my texture.This is the first time i tried it and i could feel the change.But i think my hair has been a bit dry, so can i use hibiscus hair pack next morning after applying multani mitti pack.Can i apply hibiscus pack on oil??? :-)) Thanks to your home remedy.

  28. hai ana when u wash ur hair in this …u used just water kya ?? no shampoo ?? multani mitti and oil will go like that ?

    i knw ur flustered wt so many quesries on this post 🙁 😛

  29. hi anamika…i have a wavy hair and i am just delibearate to straighten it. i would be using that fuller’s eart pack….but the question i have dat actually i prone to dandruff and though my hair is soft it looks very dry! so would that pack bring on a differrence to my hair?????
    thank u so much…. 🙂

  30. hey anamika! i have not tried this..but looking at the changes n comments i want 2 try.. but now only my hair is really hope muktani mitti doesnt make it more brittle 🙁 no remedy 4 that? eagerly waiting 4 u reply :-(( : O:-)

  31. can u pls suggest me a hair pack for my chemically straightened hair or i can use the one u have mentioned

  32. Hi, Anamika di. I also want to straight my hair, but I have a problem here. I don’t use eggs (I’m vegetarian). Can I avoid egg or can I use any other thing in place of egg? Like curd or something else?

  33. Have I told u recently that I luv u A?? I crave straight hair…literally crave…and i never came across this article b4…m bookmarking this for sure.. 🙂

  34. hey i wasjust googling …found ur blog really helpful…..thnx a lot…..but when do we have to apply eggyolk with olive oil before or along wid it or after washing it ???? <3

  35. Hi, u said ppl with dry hair ..cant apply it,..but i want to straigten my hair.they r curly n frizzy n dry.after applying this pack ..i can apply the oil again and wash the next i hv to do it once in a 15 days so no problem for me..what do u say?

  36. hi anamika i love straight hair got rebonding done , but after that sever hairfall , i read your experience (tip) about coconut milk & lemon to straighten your hair , but also read coconut milk & hibiscus leaf paste , pleasssssssssssssssssssse tel me which is more effective & pl give tip for home made conditioner as when i apply conditioner on my hair i feel my hair falls more

  37. Amamika , I take care of my hair , oil them , do reverse combing at night , but I have hairfall problem. I use loreal shampoo , but my hair is never soft after hair wash. How can I get soft & silky hair.

  38. Hey,

    Do u have any solution for hair fall. when i was in Delhi then my hairs were good. but as i moved to Bangalore after marriage my hairs r falling badly. many people says its because of the hard water. do u have any cure for hair fall due to hard-water? plz help…

  39. Hi Poonam,
    I have very bad problem of dandruff. HOW MUCH eva i wash it does not go completely. can u suggest me wat to do?

  40. Hi,
    I’ve curly unruly hair.. I use loreal shampoo & conditioner but no visible difference.. I want my hair to be straight like others.. Can i use dat herbal pack?.? My hair is dry!! Waitin 4 reply ? :sidefrown:

  41. Fatima,
    Use best children shampoo apply regular oil & also use some gud conditioner.. It’ll work to some extent.. Worked for me 🙂

  42. Is this pack best for her hair as she is very eager, she can’t wait to see her hair stright, And what is the best shampoo to use for her hair

  43. just wen i thot i shud try this read “may nt work fr dry hair” :
    nevermind I think my prob is nt wavy or curly hair but the dryness n frizz 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  44. I avnt undrstod clearly…
    Hw its posbl,aftr aplyin oil v shud wash d nxt day or direct v shud apply d pack.
    N m cnfusd coz mny porduct is of no use dan hw wil dis homemade product b useful.
    R u sure bout it.
    N e ve lts use 4 1 tym,lts c Anamika it rly wrk o nt..

  45. i have a way hair which is pretty nice. But as my hair keeps growing, i am unable to manage it and tangles always, so want it straight now. My question is: Will my hair be straight only till my next hair wash or would it be straight for a long time as per my usage ? Thank you. This definitely seems a nice remedy 🙂

  46. Hey Anamika mere hair bhut frizzy hay and bhut jyada shine marte hay and unreal lgte hey kya ye formula mere hair straight and real kr dega

  47. elo anamika di,ur looking gr8. 🙂
    my hair is wavy and want my hair to b lyk urs,i’ve been dreaming of such hair…. plz hlp me.. will ur hairpack work for me? if i oil my hair at n8 and if i apply the pack next day, while washing my hair can i use shampoo? i use matrix smooth n straight.. plzz help me di… and if it works wil it be everlasting? eagerly waiting for ur reply.. :tap-dance:
    tk cr and love your hair,they are lovely..

  48. i am waiting for ur reply…, what can i use in place of egg? can i aply this pack 1c a week. pllzzz do rep… :idk:

  49. lllluv your recipe di… :inlove: bt according 2 my schl rules i’ve 2 plait my waist length hair evryday… if i try dis hair pack nd plait my hair… will my hair still remain straight??? 😕 ?:-) … if not suggest sumthing didi pllllllllllss… i can’t disobey my schl rules :struggle:

  50. Hey Anamika …
    My hairs are thick , dry , wavy , and I have a large amount of hairs ….
    But I have hairfall too….
    Will this work for me…

    Will it increase my hair fall…..

  51. Can i use this method if i have oily hair? Shud i use shampoo to wash my hair? Will it get my hair permanently straightened if i do it regularly for few months


  52. I want to know how many times I can apply this pack in a week.

    My college is starting in 3 weeks. I have short hair and want to keep them open. But they are slightly difficult to keep them open cuz naturally my hair are frizzy. Thats why I wanted to know how many times its advisable to apply this pack. I can apply it twice a week then, till my college starts.

  53. hey anamika,
    my hairs are damaged due to straightning. i loss my hairs everyday. there is no growth at all. please suggest me any pack or home made remedy. my hairs was straight before using the straightner but now they are curly. please help me.

  54. :-)) hi , i have a short and dry hair . what do you think the right thing that i can do in my hair . can you give me tips for that ? , and i want to straighten it .

  55. hi anamika , i have curly thick hair.It looks thin and feels soft after brusing or conditioning but whatever i do, when i leave my hair out without tying it , it turns into a messy , dry ,curly ,bush .If i oil it very well this wouldn’t happen , but then it looks realy sticky , curly and oily.I don’t wan’t this bushy hair, i see many frnds of mine,they have straight hair , they don’t always have to tie it up…..and another thing is that my hair is kind of short…and it looks realy short when it is totally bushy.I HATE THIS! i iron it sometimes and it looks gr8!!!everybody says thin straight hair suits me , but i can’t use it all the time..can i??pls help!!!tell me what i can do with my hair…..will thie this pack work on my hair???

  56. :-(( 😕 hi….,anamika di…i ve a very dry,curly and had done straigthned my hair 1 yrs ago bt nw my new hair has grown up it wont lookin grt….wil this pack wud b effective on my hair…plz do reply..

  57. Hi anamika … Ur beauty tips are amazing. I want to try multani mitti hair pack to straighten my hair. Can u plzzzzzzzzzzz explain me in detail what is multani mitti (fuller earth)? And where can I get it from? Waiting for ur reply. I have another query plz. I have both oily and dry dandruff. How can I get ride of it. Plz help me with this issue. Thanks.

  58. i want to know after this tice n multani pack do i have to use shampoo n conditioner soon after i rinse the pack or should i wait 🙂

    • Can I ask some questions? What kind of hair do you have? Like if you have curly hair how curly is it? Is it really curly? And is this the first time you have used it? Or have you used it a couple of times?

    • it works only for the hair on top.. what about the hair on the ends.. and by next wash it vanishes.. can i replace the egg with something??

  59. I have frizzy wavy hair. I used this today only. And i don’t see much difference. Would someone tell me how many applications of this pack does it take to really start straightening the hair?? I m desperate. HELP!!!! :weep:

  60. hi…my hair is straight and silky till upto some length but the lower ends of my hair iz in very bad condition….totally rough and frizzy…will this hair pack work on my hair ????As i don’t want to cut my hair …plz help me 🙁 🙁

  61. errrm, my hair is really frizzy and wavy…..will this work? shoud i use it once in a week to be sure that it works?

  62. my hair is long, in the lower ends of my hair is not strait ,plz suggrst me some thing which work in my hair…

  63. itsssssssssssssss………………workeddddddddddddddd……………….yeahhh…!!! :yes: 😀 :laugh: :yippee: :dance-left-right: :rock-n-roll:

    • Ria can you say that after applying and washing the pack…wheather we should shampoo on the same day or next day….plz replyyyyyy

  64. Can I ask some questions? What kind of hair do you have? Like if you have curly hair how curly is it? Is it really curly? And is this the first time you have used it? Or have you used it a couple of times?

  65. can I ask some questions. .?1 cup multani mitti ko pani me be deep krna h ya phir dry mitti use krni h or what do u mean by White egg. .?

  66. Can i apply the multani mitti hair mask for regrown hair post keratin which is now curly. Like i have only the roots curly but the ends are straight.. will the mask in any way damage my hair or treatment?


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