Amazing Remedy To Get Rid Of Wrinkles


Guest Post by Dr. Fahee,      Wrinkle under eyes

Hi ladies…

ever wondered if its possible to get rid of those fine wrinkles in the corner of your eyes, on your smile line or the even finer on your foreheads ?
anti wrinkle cream
Have u always dreamt of having a satin soft skin without any bumps that your make up just glides on?
Fine, there is one thing which is proven to do all  the above…but just don’t expect things to happen in a day..but I assure u that you’ll see it in 1-2 weeks..2 weeks being latest..

all you got to do is to buy a retinoic acid preparation of 0.025% from your pharmacist{brand names: Retin-a, retino a etc}

After you cleanse your face before bed apply a small quantity(say 2 to 3 drops) and spread it all over your face concentrating more on problem areas, let it dry and then apply your moisturiser on top since retinoic have a mild peeling effect which may be exaggerated due to never forget your moisturiser..a richer one is better..
Follow this every other day for he first 2 or 3 weeks and then later thrice a week and then twice a week will do..
This will make fine wrinkles disappear, prevent newer ones from coming, gets rid of all forms of acne and scars..and the best part is, it is all clinically proven by researches..
Remember, retinoic acid is the most effective non invasive product for wrinkles!!!!

P.S – People who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, please dont try this because retinoic acid is teratogenic for the foetus..


  1. wow… i'v never heard of this.. does it have any other side effects other than the pregnancy thing..

  2. products containing retinyl palmitate r more better than applying retin a directly since retin a may case pimples 4 some days bt there is no such effect with retinyl palmitate.patanjali cream contains retinyl palmitate and after using that,we notice clear skin.retinyl palmitate also helps 2 lessen acne.this is wt i noticed after using creams containing retinyl palmitate.thx.

  3. wow… i'v never heard of this.. does it have any other side effects other than the pregnancy thing..

  4. hahahha..i

    u mean u apply it on your skin and starts suffering hair fall from head…this is little surprising na..

  5. hmm let fahee read this and reply to it…because she must have used it naa. 🙂

    tab tak u wait and have pea nuts..i am uploading a new look til then 😛

  6. not at all dear..the only worry is that if u apply it on day, u might suffer redness due to sun exposure, mild never on a day

  7. hi…the hairfall or whatever is solely due to oral intake..there are tablets of it which is given for acne..but retin a lotion is what we are gona use..and yes im using it on me for long and the resu;lts are awesome gals…go, try it..u'll even get fairer

  8. hi fahee…….
    am planning i cant use it…but can i i use retinyl palmitate products as ritu mentioned above….and can u plz suggest brand names for both formulations….

  9. nope dear..note wen u r using 0 .025%….its been routinely prescribed by all doctors for various skin conditions like, no worry..apply it at nite only

  10. no no dear..all are retinoic acid difference between two products…actually retinoic acid is more effective too..dont use any of it till 6 months after delivery;)..good luck with labour

  11. heyya..its like this..a few may get mild irritation,redness..but since u'll be using only a pea size everyday..its highly unlikely……………

  12. This is the same treatment of Tretinoin-0.025% that i use …i told it in my skin care regeimn i think….i'm doe wth using it for everyday…so now its a weekly activity only on sundays… Anu you were to get this na??? u dint get it yet??

  13. that is the patanjali cream for dry skin..not the anti wrinkle//it wont suit you mitra..may be it can in thsi weather but not in summers..

    i have become like yur doctor because i know yur skin so well now 😀

  14. yep..isotretinoin or tretinoin are the retinoic acid preparations…use it not only as anti wrinkle but also against acne, blemishes etc

  15. Haha…yeah…i know…thats why i just "ask" you if i can use it….dont have to give reason for why i should "avoid" it….. :$

  16. hi mitra, both patanjali cram contain retinyl palmitate. n both works the same.u can try fruit of the earth aloe vera and vitamin e creams too.they too contain retinyl palmitate.i havbe seen reducion in pimples when i was using fruit of the fote vitanin e cream.i don't know if patanjali cream suit u or nt bt it does nt cause any acne.another thing, if any1 using retin a, retinyl palmitate, adaplene gel etc, sud nt use it in day time bcoz then ur skin will b more susiptible 2 sun burns.thatsy these things sud b used at night time. hope this info is useful.thx

  17. Hi Fahee,Liked your blog.Just wanted to mentioned i do not have any pimple or acne problem.This lotion suits to all the skin or it differs from person to person. Any symptoms if it doesn’t suit me.

    For my information i need to buy a retinoic acid preparation of 0.025% from any pharmacist {Any of the brand names: Retin-a, retino a etc}Apply it directly on wrinkles then after few minutes have to apply moisturiser. After few weeks i need to apply it once a week.( for how many months or it is a continous process)Waiting for your reply.


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