Amazing uses of beer/beauty and household items

Well if you are a women who is not into drinking and hates husband splurging money in beer then this post is especially for you. Beer has so many uses that next time your husband brings it home you will be the one using it all. If cleverly uses it imparts a new taste and texture to your cooking.

Of course one has to be 25 and above to gulp it down but till that age you can use it to enhance your beauty and sparkle your household item. Below here is a comprehensive list of beer uses.

1. Use it in polishing your solid gold to get the lost shine back. Don’t use it on jewelry which has gem stone into it as alcohol content can damage the stone. Gold jewelry without gem stone can be polished by pouring some beer on a soft cloth and wiping off jewelry gently with it till it gets dried.

2. If you have not tried beer in marinating your food then here are some tips for you.

a) Use beer to marinate, steam, grill. Marination generally comprises of oil or acid. Albeit acidic medium can be changed from wine, vinegar to beer.

b) Instead of steaming fish try poaching it with beer. Beer adds more zing to poached food.

c) Over using beer can bring disaster result while cooking. One has to think and balance the flavors as there is wide variety of beer available in the market. You can use dark strong flavor to marinate chicken but not to use dark flavor for red meat or spicy veggies.

d) Traditional fish and chips are generally battered fried in beer.

3. For healthy, shiny and lustrous hair-Shampoo your hair and mix 15 ml of beer into 70ml of luke warm water. Now apply the mixture in your hair for 5-10 minutes and gently rub it .Rinse it off with water.

4. Insect killer-Put some beer in a spray bottle and use it on mosquitoes, ants, bees and wasps and see them vanishing away with in few hours.

5. For soft skin-If you really want to have a great time with beer and want to pamper yourself up. Drain some kgs of beer into the tub and take bath with it. Your skin will get clean and will exfoliate nicely. Yeast present in the beer is a great skin softener. Don’t for get to take your shower after the beer bath.

6. Remove stains-You can lighten up any kind of stain of your carpet by rubbing the area gently with light beer. You can use little club soda as well .It will smell for a day till the carpet gets dried. If you have carpet steam cleaner then you can easily lift out the smell and the liquid.

7. To get beer color hair-Just soak your hair with beer and lay out in the sun for half an hour. Rinse your hair off with water and get the sun kissed glow.

8. Hair conditioner-Use beer in place of your hair conditioner.

9. Foot bath-After a tiresome day in your office you can soak your feet in beer and your tired feet will get revived by beer foot bath.

10. Polish wood furniture-put some beer into a soft cloth and gently wipe your wooden furniture.

You now know lot many usage of beer .You can start using it by making a simple chicken recipe called as Chicken Quesdilla.Click here to know the recipe.


  1. wow. I had no idea beer had so many uses. I think my hubby will like the use of beer in cooking tips the most. I will ask him to read this article 😀


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