Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in Day Dream – Review & Swatches


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Hi All,

I love lipglosses, the more pigmented the better. So when I saw this Ambika Pillai Lipgloss on FnU earlier this year, I thought why not try it out. I had never tried this brand before and was curious to know how their products were…especially since Ambika Pillai is quite popular up north.

Today i’ll be reviewing the Day Dream Lipgloss (G7).

Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in day dream

  • Quantity: 8ml
  • Original Price: 700 INR (I got it from FnU at 400INR)
  • Ingredients:

Ambika Pillai Lipgloss


My experience with Day Dream Gloss:



Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in day dream

  • Packaging: I’m quite fond of the packaging of this gloss. It has a nice sophisticated look to it with the short transparent tube and sponge applicator. I will admit I didn’t know about the lighting feature until I had it in hand and wanted to see what the button on top was for 🙂 Furthermore what peaked my interest was the mirror they had on the side of the gloss which I’ve found very helpful indeed.
  • Color: This is a very mild coral shade with tiny shimmer particles. The shimmer is very minute and doesn’t look OTT in any case.
  • Texture: The gloss is totally non-sticky. It glides very smoothly and doesn’t get goopy at any point on the lips. Additionally, its very light and I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my lips when I use this 🙂
  • Fragrance: It has a very mild, sweet nutty fragrance. Infact, the smell is the same as the lip glosses from Chambor. The fragrance is not unpleasant and isn’t irritating or unpleasant at all. It fades off after 3mins or so.
  • Staying Power: The staying power is pretty average at about 2-3 hours. I wish it had been longer though. And if you eat or drink something then you would need to re-apply the gloss much earlier.
  • Pigmentation & Coverage: This shade is mildly sheer and doesn’t provide much coverage. It good to layer over a lipstick and it won’t alter the lipstick shade which is a relief. Pigmentation is nothing to write home about and is very average.
  • Availability: I believe Ambika Pillai products are easily available in the north only. I haven’t seen this brand in any other outlet. I have only been able to buy them from FnU exclusively. Please do let me know if this brand is available in other cities.


Swatches of Ambika Pilla Lipgloss in Day Dream



Ambika Pillai Lipgloss Swatches


What I love about AP DayDream Lipgloss:  


  • This is a super pretty shade. Since its Coral, it can used atop any bright coral shades to tone them down and make them more wearable.
  • It has a mirror which is gr8 for touchups without having to whip out your mirror.
  • The lights are a sure winner for me. I can use this for touchups even in the car or anywhere at night 🙂 🙂 Not to mention this can be used as a mini torch too!
  • Doesn’t settle into the fine lines at any point of the day.
  • Super moisturizing and I don’t need to apply a lip balm underneath.
  • This is a charitable brand and a percentage of profits are contributed to charities 🙂


What I don’t like about AP DayDream Lipgloss:


  • Contains Parabens
  • Availability is a problem.
  • Would have liked it better if it had more coverage.
  • Staying power is s bit sad unless one likes to reapply after regular intervals.

Rating: 4/5 (-.5 for staying power & -.5 for availability)

Quantity: 8m


  1. packaging is so classy…….i have seen its nail paints in some mags……colors r so awesome :-)) :tap-dance: m loving the new emoticons :heart:

  2. haha! very was a revelation for me also…i think even Colorbar has such a funda.. i think its the hollywood lights range..

    • Hi Divs…My day was so-so…laxed at home, cooked food and just chilled alot..wot bout u?

      I actually luv their brushes alot more than their lippies they r really nice and soft..

    • heehee…baap re! now m gona hav t act pricey for lip exposre for sure..heehee..tday i was taking pics of lippies and putting them on and then wiping them off…J was just staring and asking me wot I was doing and y i had so much stained cotton on the dresser! his exact word were ‘itna time lagta hai ek shade par decide karne me??’ haha! :lipstick: :lipstick:

  3. I also haven’t seen this brand around in Mumbai.. You got a good deal on this in 400 bucks, for 700 it is too expensive, better to add 200 bucks & get oneself a MAC 😛

    • Thanx Dear…even i think its too much for an ambika Pillai gloss..thats y i got it only on sale..warna who wud dare?? 😉

      waise she is quite famous in north and has her parlors there so i guess her outlests r only in Delhi/ Gurgaon and not anywhere else as yet..


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