Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in Slide On Review & Swatches


Hi Girls,

This is one of the lipglosses I from from a Ambika Pillai sale on Fashion and You wesbsite a couple of months earlier. I luv glosses and since this brand was new to me at the time I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.You can read other Ambika pillai lipglossesPick Me Up Lipgloss, Day Dream too.

Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in Slide On Review & Swatches

  • Quantity: 8ml
  • Original Price: 700 INR (I got it from FnU at 400INR)


Ambika Pillao lipgloss review slide+Indian beauty blog



Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in Slide On Ingredients

My experience with Amibika Pillai Lipgloss Slide On: 


Ambika Pillai Lipgloss in Slide On  in Pink review+Beauty product reviews

  • Packaging: I love this packaging. The tube and the applicator are the usual types but the li’l extra they give in form of the mirror at the side of the tube and the tiny lights attached has just blown me away.
  • Color: This shade is a very light pink and doesn’t have any shimmer particles like most of the glosses in this range.  This perfect for everyday office wear as well.
  • Texture: The gloss is totally non-sticky. It glides very smoothly and doesn’t get goopy at any point on the lips. Additionally, its very light and I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my lips when I use this 🙂

Ambika Pillai lip glosses slide on reviews

  • Fragrance: It has a very mild, sweet nutty fragrance akin to the fragrance of Chambor glosses. The fragrance is not unpleasant and fades off after 3mins or so.
  • Staying Power: The staying power is pretty average at about 3-4 hours. One does have to re-apply after eating or drinking.
  • Pigmentation & Coverage: This shade is semi-opaque and covers up any pigmentation on my lips…Additionally its like a matte gloss but doesn’t settle into the fine lines of my lips since it is extremely moisturizing. Pigmentation is pretty good and this can be worn along and atop a lipstick. I usually use this over lipsticks like NYX Power to tone down the pink and to deflect the dullness it seems to bring to my face 🙂
  •  Availability: I believe Ambika Pillai products are easily available in the north India only. I haven’t seen this brand in any other outlet. I have only been able to buy them from Fashion and you website  exclusively.

Ambika Pillai lip glosses reviews

Swatches of Ambika Pillai Lipgloss Slide on 


Ambika Pillai lip glosses slide on swatches


Why I love Ambika Pillai  Slide On Lipgloss: 

  • It has a mirror AND a torch which helps in touchups anywhere and anytime!
  • Doesn’t settle into the fine lines at any point of the day.
  • Staying power is decent enough
  • Very moisturizing and I don’t need to apply a lip balm underneath.
  • It doesn’t have any shimmers and is perfect for office wear too.
  • Looks nice when eye makeup is a bit on the heavier side.
  • This is a charitable brand and a percentage of profits are contributed to charities 🙂


Why I don’t like AP Slide On Lipgloss:

  • Contains Parabens
  • Makes me look washed out if I use it without eye makeup.
  • Haven’t seen it in any store here. I guess its available exclusively in Delhi..
  • Would have liked it better if it had more coverage.






  1. its a pretty shade :kissed: but i can’t see the torch again 🙁 i waannnnnnttttt to see the torch :drunk:

    nd Zara even i have’nt come across this brand here.. maybe it available Delhi side :snicker:

    • thats wot sold me in the first place..the fact that it was matte and very wearable..but i cant wear it if m not done up properly..this is one of those may-or-may-not-work kinda shades…a bit dicey..

  2. the color is very pretty Zara ….. i rem once you sent me mail about their sale ….
    i havent tried anything but if i pick this would be the first lip product 😀 😀

    and no lip swatch :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:


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