Americam Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Grand Finale


Americam Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Winners Announced

Hello Beauties,

Today I am here to reveal the names of the winners of the Web based reality show Beauty & The Blogger. The show started with a unique concept of bringing the beauties or models together withe the rising bloggers of the blogging world and organize a contest to entertain the Internet users and other social media addicts in a way that is fun  light hearted.

beauty and the blogger

The show had eight competing models and eight bloggers who were chosen in initial auditions.

The Models were mentored by Anushka & the show was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar who was really funny at times while the show was aired.

In this particular episode Cyrus brings us some exciting awards for the various bloggers & beauties.

The three teams which made it to the Finale round on the basis of performances in tasks & social media buzz were-

  • Team Bats (Shanaya & Akansha)
  • Team Ginger Snaps (Audrey & Karishma)
  • Team Fashion Most Wanted ( Anusua & Jeremy)

So to know who amongst these won the show watch the video linked here!

The Beauty gets to be the face of American Swan and the blogger gets to be the Social Media Ambassador of American Swan & a whopping prize money of INR 5 lakhs!! Yeah… I know that is such a big opportunity for the winners to showcase their talent in association with a wonderful partner like American Swan!

In addition to the winners, American Swan also announced a Cool Quotient Award for the Coolest Blogger & Coolest Beauty!

So lovelies, stay tuned to this finale video which announces the winners and who knows might be possible that your favorite team just won!!

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