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American Swan Beauty & The Blogger

Hello everybody,

As promised in the last episode of American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: The Obstacle course that the next episodes would be a treat to watch, I am here again with the latest episodes aired of the Famebox channel on Youtube.

This is basically reality show where eight beauties & bloggers will team up together to perform on a given set of tasks and promote their blogs and the partner models on social media and their respective blogs to come out with flying colors and be a winner on the show!



beauty and the blogger


The task is named Deep Dive is an Underwater task where the eight beautiful models after launching the swimwear by American Swan will have to perform a task underwater to know the bloggers they are fated to be teamed up on the web reality show.

The task begins with each of the models diving in a swimming pool and taking out a mystery pouch which has the name of one blogger from all the eight contesting bloggers on the show.

As each model dives in the pool they have to maintain the grace and stance and manage to look beautiful while doing all that.

After each model has picked up a pouch they are then introduced to the bloggers who one by one give a brief info about their blogs and the qualities they are expecting in their beauty partners.

Anushka  help these beauties teaming up with bloggers and give them some tips which are need throughout the show. The swimwear launch was another great round and to know more about Anushka’s favorite swimwear, do watch the webisode guys.

It is fun & light episode and you get to know about the bloggers and their respective blogs too!

So, just lets not waste time. Hit the play button and like and share this video to treat all your friends with the unique concept the show brought to us! Have Fun! πŸ™‚

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  1. I had been missing commenting on these posts but I did watch them and this is another interesting episode πŸ™‚


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