American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Meet Lauren Gottlieb


American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Meet Lauren Gottlieb

Hey everyone,

I hope that American Swan Beauty & The Blogger managed to keep you entertained all trough the episodes we got to see her on Wiseshe. Well, we always try our level best to keep you entertained and let you know as to what exciting stuff is happening over the Blogosphere in case you may not know!


So, the eight beauties & bloggers successful completed the show and came with one winning team of beauty & a blogger who won prizes and also contracts wit the reputed brand American Swan.

In the last episode of Show Your Talent Round we got see a new judge was added in the panel who happened to judge the participants on the basis of their overall performance!

Many of you might not know that Lauren Gottlieb who was also a judge in that round is the Official Brand Ambassador of American Swan and due to this involvement she was a natural choice to judge the last crucial round of web reality series Beauty & The Blogger.

Lauren has become a popular face after her grand debut in the Dance based movie Any Body Can Dance which was the launching pad for her in India. After that we got to see her in a famous dance reality show on television and she was a runner of the show! Dancing comes naturally to her & her excellent expressions just leave one mesmerized & wanting for more. She is someone you would never get bored of to see dancing! Her flexible & toned body is surely and object of envy for many!

When American Swan has ambassadors like Lauren associated with them, the level of talent is surely a notch higher   and that all one needs is talent is rise to fame & popularity in this beauty world.

I personally am a great admirer of her dancing style and mind blowing expressions. She is surely the queen of dance floor and can perform any dance style without any hesitation!

Don’t forget to checkout the video & spot Lauren flaunting American Swan apparel with such ease & comfort!

See you again!



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  1. I ma such a huge fan of her dancing ! amazing flexibility! I feel awestruck seeing her dance! never knew ahe is brand ambassador of American Swan! wow commendable!

  2. I am glad u guys liked it ..:yes::yes:

    that was our last post of the series and i had so much fun sharing the journey with you guys 🙂


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