American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Models Get Dirt Get Sweaty


Hello Everyone

How did the week start for you guys?

To let yourself relax an have a dose of some fun & entertainment, we have the another fabulous episode of American Swan presents Beauty & The Blogger in which the teams performing in The Obstacle course are evaluated.

By now you must have been familiar with the team members and have some of your favorites too! The Obstacle course was one innovative task as all the beauties & bloggers in their distant dreams would have never attempted any games or mud swimming like that. It is really appreciating that in spite of being an entirely different thing from what the beauties & the bloggers actually do, they didn’t give up and tried their level best to given their hundred percent.

beauty and the blogger


The competing teams were evaluated on many criteria and their performances in the Ramp Camp, Balloon Blast, Squeeze cheese & Mud splash round!  Also counting on the time they took in styling themselves after these rounds got over, their clothes, many body postures too!

It is really exciting to catch all these beauties & bloggers doing these tasks, changing clothes within span of minutes and instantly coming up with a look well suited for their face.

The Mud Splash was one heck of a round and I am sure the beauties with obsessive “cleanliness” disorder must have had a tough time getting rid of the dirt & mud. :-p

Overall it is another great episode from the the show and promises to get you glued to your lounge chair and watch the course of actions taking place on the show!

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  1. The spirits of d contestants us commendable… otherwise ignoring the yukky muddy feeling is nt at all easy…


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