American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Show Your Talent


American Swan Beauty & The Blogger: Show Your Talent

Hello Everyone,

So its Tuesday today and I have planned it to be a funday for you all as I bring you the Show Your Talent Round from the Web reality show Beauty & The Blogger. The show which started along with eight beauties/ models & eight bloggers who were the the representatives from the Social Media. Glamour meets Social Media was the theme of the show and there were a series of tasks & rounds which judges models & their team mate bloggers on the basis of tasks and skills which they are well versed with.

beauty and the blogger

The present episode has a unique concept where each team of Beauty & The blogger had to showcase the talent in them by any means like acting, singing or dancing and impress the judges. They also needed to perform like a team where both of their efforts are clearly visible. So the best performance gets to win the maximum points which is added to the overall score and this changing the score game totally.

There was a special guest in this episode who was none other than the beautiful & talented performer Lauren Gottlieb to judge the participants along with Cyrus & Anushka.

Well, all the teams came up with their talents like if they are funny by heart they presented the team in a comic melodramatic brief performance. Some of the members performed as dancing was their talent. Others just introduced themselves simply. There was a team which came up with a rap song. Few of the lucky bloggers got a chance to  learn dance lessons from Lauren Gottlieb. Others too showed their talents.

Amidst all this the show hosts gave the tips to the teams about where thy were lacking and the areas which need to be focused as a team.

All in all it was a super fun episode and very crucial last round of the show which would decide the winners of the show in future. I had a great time watching and laughing while watching. Hope you like it too! Do share how you loved the episode!

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