American Swan Presents Beauty And The Blogger- Introduction To Obstacle Course


American Swan Presents Beauty And The Blogger Show

Hey Everyone!

How are you all?

I have come up with the new episodes of the web reality show Beauty & The Blogger where the competing eight beauties & bloggers are introduced with the next round of the competition: The Obstacle Course.

Aren’t you all excited? Truly speaking I am hooked on these episodes like anything and I believe anyone who loves beauty, makeup & fashion would also like the show and its concept.

The Obstacle Course is one such round where the beauty & bloggers will have to show their rough & tough sides performing through each set of tasks.

beauty and the blogger

The Obstacle Course: Four Rounds

The First Task in the Obstacle round is Ramp Camp. Ramp has to be there if there are models involved but this time its the bloggers turn to perform on the ramp. Do watch the episode for catching them doing all that!

The Second task is the Balloon Blast where the models from each team have to burst colored water filled balloons with the help of a piercing needle holding in their mouth & hands folded behind their backs.

The Third Task of this course is Squeeze Cheese where the bloggers have to squeeze themselves out of Tyre tubes and cross a good distance to reach the final task place.

The Fourth & the final round is Mud Splash where beauties again have to get dirty crossing a pool of mud lying on their stomach & dragging themselves like a crocodile. Finally after crossing mud splash beauties get to go in a inflated plastic where they are cleaned with water by their blogger partners.

After that beauties have to change up and come up with an instant styled look using Lakme products and they will be judged as per their hairstyle, clothes, & makeup by the pretty Anushka!

Well, I am sure it sounds as exciting as it happens in the video so don’t miss the real action of this webisode of Beauty & the Blogger show!

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  1. Wow..this episode is so exciting! i loved the tasks and instant styling round! I wonder I would ever get ready so fassst!! :confused: :thinking:

    • I don’t take long but i need at least half an hour to dress up and do a bit of makeup before going anywhere! otherwise I just dab some compact and do my hair that is it!


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