American Swan Presents Beauty & The Blogger- Swimwear Launch & Fun


Americn Swan Presents Beauty & The Blogger Show

Hello Everyone,

You guys recently  got to know about a new web based reality show which is trending these days on Youtube & the Blogosphere.

The show is basically a reality show in which eight beauties or models will team up with eight bloggers from the blogging space and will take part in the tasks and talent rounds. All these rounds will be based on the areas of interest related to the models & the bloggers.

The mentors will guide about what the contesting teams have to do in all the tasks and rounds!


beauty and the blogger


In the last post you saw the Obstacle round where the beauty & blogger teams were made to do a series of tasks of crossing hurdles and bursting balloons etc. Today’s video is all about the Swimwear collection launch by American Swan on the contesting eight models of this show. These models will flaunt the swimwear collection exclusively and for the first time like this.

This is in fact a kind of launch of the models in the show along with the Swimwear collection as from here only the models get to know about their bloggers.

The idea of Swimwear launch comes from the fact that there is an underwater task to be done by these models to get to know the blogger they are going to be teamed with. So flaunting a swimwear would have been the apt costume for this task.

The idea is interesting and you also get to see the latest swimwear collection presented by American Swan at the most appropriate time of the year!

So, do watch these models flaunting their sultry figure in American Swan Swimwear collection and witness some sensuous moves as it just raises the mercury bars to several notches higher!


I am sharing with you few of the exciting activities which Cyrus and Anushka (oh!  I love her) shows us and the bloggers who look so awesome and confident.Few of the were  competing the model only.





Do keep watching the show and yes! our facebook page where we will be sharing more videos the moment they go live on the fameboxnetwork 🙂





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