Amla(Indian gooseberries) benefits and uses in herbal remedies


(Emblica officinalis) is a deciduous tree of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name. It is such a wonderful plant that almost all parts of its is used in various Ayurvedic/Unani Medicine including the food, seeds, leaves ,root ,bark and flowers.

Regular uses of amla increases eye sight, helps in curing heart ailments and make liver strong.

Different names of Indian gooseberries are:-

amalaka in Sanskrit,aamla in Gujarati,, aavalaa in Marathi, amla in Hindi, amlaki in Bengali language, nellikka in Malayalam, nellikkai in Tamil and Kannada, usiri in Telugu, amala in Nepali, ma kham pom in Thai, and mak kham bom in Lao.

Below here is a comprehensive list of herbal remedies using amla which can cure many common diseases.

1. Constipation-Take ½ tsp of amla powder with a glass of milk before going to the bed. Continue this remedy at least a month and get rid of constipation.Albeit you will start seeing the result with in two days itself.

2. Diarrhea/Loose motion-Take equal quantity of amla powder and kala namak(rock salt) .Mix both and drink it with a glass of water thrice a day. You can take 1tsp of the mixture at a time. This helps in getting rid of Diarrhea.

3. Piles (Bawasir)-Add 1tsp of amla powder in curd and have it every day. Having amla curd every day will remove piles problem.

4. Jaundice (piliya)-Take fresh amla juice and add honey into it. Ratio of this mixture should be 3:1.Drink this mixture in morning, noon and evening. You will see surprising recovery.

5. Increasing eyesight-Take 1tsp of amla powder with 1 glass cow’s milk every day. Long use of this remedy will improve eye sight.

6. Pyorrhea-Dry roast amla and add sainda namak in it. Powder both the ingredients and add 2-3 drops of mustard oil in it. Brush your teeth daily with this powder .Pyorrhea will slowly get vanished.

7. Bone Fracture-If a person drink amla juice with fruit juice during fracture then his recover will be much faster.

8. Inflammation during urination-Take 10 gm. of amla and 10 gm. of turmeric powder. Add both the ingredients in 1 cup of water and boil the mixture until half. Having this kada will cease inflammation problem while urination and helps in getting rid of liver inflammation problem as well.

9. Frequent urination in women Take 20 gm amla juice, 1 banana and 5 gm. sugar .Mix all the ingredients together and eat it every day till your problem subsides. This problem is also called as somrog or bahumutra rog in hindi.

10. Stones in the path of urine (Pathri)-Mix amla powder in grated radish and eat it every day. This will help in getting rid of stones.

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