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Hello ,
I have a combination skin which has an oily T-Zone .My skin stays normal in summers and quit dry in winters.I was interested in buying Amway Artisty products for CTM (Cleansing , toning & Moisturizing).There is a huge  range in Amway CTM and I am confused which one will suit my skin.Can you recommend me the CTM system which will suit my skin in summers as well as winters.
The Amway products are no wonder very high in quality though lil expensive but very useful for any kind of skin care. We are providing list of few products and links below where you can buy  Amway Essentials on discount from Amazon.

1. Amway Artistry CTM-

This kit helps in Cleansing , toning and moisturizing your skin. Its really a very useful kit for you skin nourishment and  works best for the dry skin .
Amway ARTISTRYâ„¢-essentials-Hydrating-System
You can buy Amway Artistry CTM on discount from Amazon here.

2. Amway Artistry Youth Xtend line:

Amway Artistary CTM Essentials
 The Artistry Youth Xtend line is a revolutionary anti-aging collection that helps revitalize the skin while helping to repair past damage and protect it from future damage. Youth Xtend helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles so skin looks younger.
You can buy Artistry Youth extend Skin care system with Cream from Amazon here.
You can buy Artistry Youth extend Skin Protecting Cream from Amazon here .

3. Artisrty Polishing Scrub:

Amway Artistry Polishing Scrub is a fragrant scrub which is enriched in Tangerine Berry.  It helps to get rid of the dead and dry cells and expose the natural shining and glowing complexion of yours. It contains Nutrilite-approved ingredients which are been approved by Nutrilite , like Chamomile and Ginseng. It is made up of natural elements and thus has no side effects what so ever.
You can buy this on discount on Amazon here.
Amway Artistry Products

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  1. i tried some products frm artistry… they were good.. but somehow i never felt like going back to them.. i dont know. i found cheaper products more trustworthy and effective..

  2. i too have combination skin…and best amway products are……amway oil control cleanser for oily skin, toner for dry skin and moisturiser for oily skin…works excellent…dont worry about the price..the cleanser and toner alone will last for 8 months minimum..moisturiser for 6 months atleast..just a bead sized amount is enough…

  3. hello preeti, i have been using artistry CTM for a year now.. it really helped me to get a clear and soft skin to an extend.. i too have have a combination oily skin and the normal to oily CTM suits me well. for sure u can give them a try… coming to the price, ya it is very expensive, but the products lasts long, believe me the toner lasts more than a year, the one gets finishes soon is the moisturizer.. this particular range CTM is really good for acne prone skin. my fav in the artistry range is the scrub, they work very well for all skin types do it try as well… good luck

  4. I m a middle class girl, but i use artistary ctm last 2 months, believe me its too good. Now i dont think about any auther brand. :yippee:

  5. I started using Artistry CTM combination pack, I am feeling very oil after using moisturiser. Please any one help me in this regard. I am very much tensed about this.. I thought it works well..


    • Hi Shetty,
      Along with the CTM, using Artistry Loose Powder, it really gives matt finish to your face…Any queries let me know ….

    • Hello s
      If u use ctm then when the weather is hot or warm don’t use moisturiser only cleanser n toner is beneficial for u or u can use balancing ctm . Which r suitable for oily skin. U can get from an amway business owner who guided u how to use ctm

  6. m using artistry CTM , but it makes my face too oily n shiny . please suggest me something . wat can i do .
    even amway whitening cream makes my face too oily , though the products have worked well. but still i dont want my face to look too greasy.

    • Hi Ria,

      As you are using the right products it is great. Coming to oily using moisturizer it is because it is making your skin used to hydrating first and later on it reduces the oiliness. Use very little amount of moisturizer and better use artistry loose powder for matt finish. You really love the product. Let me know if you have any questions. my mail id – [email protected]

    • Hi ria ,
      Plz don’t use artistery ctm without any guidence . If ur skin is oily then use balancing ctm n if dry then use hydrating ctm. But in normal use use cleaner of balancing and toner n moisturiser of hydrating ctm.

  7. Hi Sateesh,
    I would suggest that you first get your skin checked for the skin type. Then the right products suited for your skin type can be used and you will get the best results.


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