Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review & Swatches


Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick 

Another one of those direct marketing products which I have either accidentally picked up or has been gifted by someone to me.

Every one of goes through this phase where we want to quit our jobs and wants to be our own bosses. These phases are most seen immediately after a bad appraisal, no pay hikes for 2 consecutive years, just out of the bosses cabin after a hour long blasting from him. Don’t we relate?? A colleague of mine went through the same phase some time ago and came the next day to office with an Amway Catalogue. Although she had nothing to do with sales, she tried her stunts at it with everyone in office. From the Peon to the friendly VP 😉 Now it was my turn. Although I am not a big fan of any Amway product and don’t think they actually are what they claim (No offences to anyone who is associated with them.) It just that I have tried some of their product earlier and it simply didn’t work for me, specially their beauty products.

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review+lip stick

So my friend got me the catalogue and asked me if I would like to buy something. I am from a sales background and have done sales most of my career. It’s probably in my DNA by now. (You must be thinking what am I doing writing beauty blogs right? I am thinking too ;-)) We ‘saleus’ pronounced as selus respect each other a lot cause we know the effort we put in, for each and every win. So we never discourage another ‘saleu’. I decided to buy atleast one thing from her. What else could a part time beauty junkie freeze on , lippie. And I bought my Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick.You can buy it from Flipkart here

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review Shade+lip color

Like its name it’s a perfect mauve color lippie. It’s pinkish, purplish in color. More on the cool tones. Its smooth and glides well. The pigmentation is decent too. The color doesn’t flatter me though. It kinds washes me a little. I am a neutral to yellow undertone so this cool color is not my types. But I mix to wear it. Not one of my favourites so I skip using it most of the times.

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review Product+lipstick colors

Also it has a peculiar perfume to it which I am not too fond of. Actually it’s something like the Lakme lippies smell. I kinda don’t like it.

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick  Swatches :-

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review Hand Swatch+lipsticks

Packaging is a silver metal case. Making it travel friendly.

Why am I reviewing it if I don’t like it? To save you all from buying it 😛

What I like about Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick:-

  • Nothing much really. I will not miss it if I don’t have it.
  • It’s a decent thing must not for me.

What I don’t like about Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick:-

  • Color on me.
  • Perfume / fragrance

This is how it looks on me:

Pls don’t mind the shiny and red, me in the pics. It was a damn sultry day in Mumbai and I am not wearing anything on my skin. Ewwww…my open pores are prominent. Pore minimizer where are you?

Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick Review Lip Swatch+make up products

 Have you tried Amway Perfect Mauve Lipstick?

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  1. Miss BO_BEEP I like how it looks on your lips.. really nice.. I cannot pull off cool tones so well.
    I use Amway products and they suit me well.. too bad they did not suit you 🙁


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