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Hey girls

I know each one of you must have done a DIY designing . Be it an elaborate kurti or a short top or a normal salwar kameez. Am a freak about it.It never occurred to me that this can be actually shared on a good platform. Few days back it  strucked me  and I  took  some pics for you guys.

I shopped for these six  months ago and now I have got a reputation for rotting things. Buy, Store and  never use 😛 My enthusiasm ends after  buying :duh:My mum pestered that I  clean my closet and just get away with the cloth pieces that I have  stocked till now so I  went hopping to a boutique and my dress was delivered today:)  Just one-the remaining would come once I mention any changes to this .

So let me begin. I bought a Anarkali suit at Taruni for a damn 8000/- bucks around 8 months ago. It looked every penny worth it but Rs 8000 was an amount that looks heavy.It was a brown-pink combo which I am sure every girl will love.It has heavy embroidery on the bosom accompanying sequins.The crepe lining had sequin work too which gave a subtle shine through the brown net. Just beautiful.The chudi is pink and dupatta is a brown-pink double shade.After this costly episode I tried a few more stores but never liked the finish of the dress or the price.

So I decided on making my own. Went to the store ,bought the cloth-net,borders,dupatta and forgot about it :). With mum’s anger pounding with the day I was forced to give this to a dress maker. As i said,I got the first result today.

Anarkali suit design India


To Make this I got the following things

  • 3 mtrs soft net in blue – a brilliant blue with double shade of green.
  • 3 mtrs satin lining.
  • 1 mtr blue benaras for the patch work on bosom.
  • 2.5 mtrs dupatta in some silk ( dunno name of variant ) for the dupatta.
  • 2.5 mtrs of silk for the chudidhar.
  • 1/2 mtr benaras for bordering the flair.
  • I bought 2 different blue benaras patches ‘cos i didnt want it ‘bordered in ‘.

Cost of above was around 1200/-

Dress making charges -840/-

Anarkali suit pictures+Anarkali suit cutting


Mother suggested I get some sequin work done. The color is brilliant.I didn’t want to mar the brilliance of the color so I  went ahead with the plain suit. Just in case if you haven’t had a good look at the pic i would word it up. Border on the puff sleeves,border the dupatta and the flair.

Sequeence duppata designs


And I am very very get a lovely dress in Rs2000. But yes,  fixing  and finding a good dress maker and the shop for materials was not easy 😛 .This kinds dress is not supposed to be skin tight or body hugging to say the least.My regular tailor is an expert at this so I  had to find a guy who can do this loose-yet-trim dress.Luckily a boutique opened a few blocks away from where I  live and it was totally worth it.

I bought few more materials for 3 dresses – Pink,yellow and deep purple.

Pink Anarkali Suit

Pink brown anarkali suit Design

I want the entire dress to be pink as its a pure pink.I am in love with it and will not mar it by contrasting it up. The little buttas has a hint of purple . So i will look for a pink benaras with shades of purple for the patch.


This is the same print as the pink one. Why did I pick ? You would too if u were there. Its not lemon yellow or other gaudy yellow. Its just the perfect yellow . I spent a good amount of time finding its companion -aka ,the patch. I picked the pinkish purple .I will not use it like i did for the blue but just half or less than half.Its an attempt to keep the yellow dominant while the purple subdued. I would use the same pinkish purple as a dupatta and the bottom would be a yellow. What do you girls think ?


I cannot describe this purple. Its deep.And has bluish tinge to it. It would have a patch of same shade benaras with hints of brown.The tissue brown is the dupatta.

Anarakali set clothes designs

I loved the colors this time around. I will certainly share the pics when the dress is done. I understand that this requires a vast amount of effort,time and patience but it saves a lot of money and best part-you get the color of your choice. If you belong to the crowd which likes heavy embroidery or other work on the dress there are a plethora of such units. Costs range from 800 upwards.I may not make every dress this way . Will do as long as i can !!

I got a few short tops done the same way and enjoyed a cost reduction of 80%. If you prefer cuts,form and colors over embellishments then this kind of effort is worth it. Each top worked out for 200/- each . Do try it.

The black polka is a favorite of mine. Its got plain sleeves and a  self belt.
Black polka Kurtis design

Purple is a to-fall-for shade.I got some small pleats done on the front.You can see ’em in the close up pic. Looks nice on jeans.

Purple Anarkali design


The green maroon has small pleats at the yoke. Gives a nice form.

Green Kurti Design

Too many dress ideas around. Pick any which is easy to replicate and you are done 🙂

Ciao girls !!


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  1. Wowowowowowowowowowowww!! ur so creative A…i cud have never done this..

    i luv the dress u put together and the purple wala kurta material…me drooooooooooollinnggg!!

  2. yes zara…i luv polka dots dresses…i even have a knee length polka dot dress….but after pregnancy i gained some wt…so am in the process of reducing wt just bcoz of tht dress…..hehe 😉

  3. love the anarkali dress idea ..i’d definitely get my tailor to do that 🙂 plz give some more ideas on suits and blouses like these such wonderful mix matching 🙂

  4. you girls seem to have loads of apprehension regarding mix n match. Actually its not tough. just find the right store. you can start this way- cut out any dress or color combo you see in a paper or magazine. try to replicate it. or at least try out your favorite combination. you will soon graduate to better things 🙂

  5. and girls thanks a lot !! i love colors and colors. doing these is an outlet to my passion. i would paint sarees for my mom. but can’t now. short on time . i guess every girl has it in her. if you don’t then how do you pick the best amongst the readymades ?trick is in observing. observe a lot. loads of free stuff around 🙂

  6. Reds me to does this DIY tailor does i get him a cut out and give it to him…i get my stuff from General Bazaar or Charminar..where do you get the cloth material from? And where is your tailor located..mera Sonu selections hai at MG Road..

  7. I have soooo many of my dresses…cos i dont find readymade ones in my size..its XS 🙁 and dresses lose its beauty if not altered properly, so i prefer tailormade ones…i am crrrraaazzzzy about clothes..hehe..

  8. You are awesome at this Reds…keep it going gurl!! and dont forget to shows us the outcome..this time i’l take your dress ka cut out to my tailor.. :beauty:

  9. reddy, a great article..i wanted to get an anarkali suit but since ihave gained weight after pregnancy..thought it will bloat me further….keep going girl..i want ur tailor!

  10. Reddy I hav e become a fan of yours!!!
    :-* :inlove:
    my god
    am just scrolling up and down to see the the pictures.
    please post more of it !!
    all of us would like to know more tips from you !!!


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