Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 45 Black Review &EOTD


Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 45 Black

If you have watched my haul video you must be knowing about my eyelash purchase.This time I got lot of eyelashes from Andrea instead of Ardell which I have been using since quite sometime.I became obsessed with false eyelashes when I started youtubing. No matter how hard one tries but the effect which false eyelashes can give you it can never be the same with any mascara.

Also, It is undoubtedly true how important role eyelashes make when it comes to the overall beauty of eyes.

Even if you apply 10 coats of mascara, it won’t give you eyelashes which you crave to get when you see other ladies with curly big lashes.But in this emerging and fashionista era, one doesn’t need to worry about any damn thing.

Be it eye color or dark circles or small lashes, every solution with amazing variety and results is present. Isn’t?

About Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 45 Black

Andrea Modlash Strips

I got these lashes from with 1+1.These are easily available on as well but I am not sure where we can find these in India.These cost around $3.99

This brand has 5 types and color of lashes.

  • 45 Black
  • 33 Black
  • 70 Black
  • 21 Black
  • 53 Black

I found Andrea eyelashes the lightest of all.I feel them for few minutes after application and then I almost forget if I have something artificial on my eyes. By the way idea of getting eyelash extension is so tempting. Have you ever given this a serious thought? I have heard that eyelash extension is so common in Singapore its almost like getting waxed .:P

These falsies really last for long time with me.Also, now I have stopped applying mascara on my falsies.With false eyelashes my eyelashes do look dark but its a pain washing them.And after 2-3 wash they loose its shape so I have decided to stick to just falsies without the mascara now.

For the newbies I am sharing the false eyelashes application process.

By the way this pack doesn’t come with Glue. So you need to get the eyelashes glue from somewhere else.
Generally the adhesive and eyelash instructions are given on the pack but we will be defining here as well.

Step 1.

Andrea Modlash Strips review
On the lash band, apply a thin layer of adhesive. Leave it for 30 seconds so that it gets prepared up.

Step 2.

Andrea Modlash Strips lash application

Now take your false lashes and start putting them from one corner and dabbing it till the end with soft hands.You can apply false eyelashes with tweezers as well. I will be sharing some more tips to apply false eyelashes probably in a video if I get the time..Thing is I do want to make loads of videos but then there is blog also which I like to maintain so both things do consume hell lot of time. Trust me otherwise I would have easily done 4-5 videos a week..When it comes to doing thing passionately I can work like an monster.

Step 3.

Andrea Modlash Strips lash fotd

Removing Eyelashes:-

For removing, as shown in the picture carefully lift the eyelashes from the outer corner and place them again in the same container. Wash off your eyes with normal water


Generally the color of glue are not transparent and thus when you apply, you do go overboard which remains there and is pretty much visible while putting lashes on.So to hide that extra glue, I conceal it with black gel eyeliner most of the time.

What I liked about Andrea Modlash Strip Lash?

Andrea Modlash Strips lash

  • Soft Hair
  • Natural look
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Voluminous with gorgeous length
  • It’s easy to pull it off
  • Pretty affordable
  • Stays put throughout the day

What I didn’t like about Andrea Modlash Strip Lash?

  • It doesn’t come with the glue.
  • Its not easily available in India

Rating – 4/5

Till I meet you again ..Happy Holi <3


  1. Happy Holi,… I find it very difficult to apply the false eyelashes,.. Either the glue will stuck somewhere, or I poke my eyes with these falsies,.. I’m known for these mishaps,.. 🙂 Thank you for this post,..


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