Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches


Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches

This post is dedicated to none other than… yes, you guessed it…our very own Blush-Queen : Zara!!!! :yippee: With her hundred and one blush reviews, she has managed to entice all of us into exploring the world of blushes :lashes: Zee, I know you “ordered” me to do this review, but sweety, I was going to do this for you anyway without you even hinting :hug-makeup:. Keep blushing always :blush:

Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+make up for women


About Anna Andre Powder Blush 02:-

Anna Andre, Paris Signature Joues Poudre Blush, now in 3 playful colors, will accentuate your natural cheekbones. Available with a mirror and applicator brush.

  • Quanity: 6gms
  • Price: INR 240
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Availability: I purchased mine from a store that had an Anna Andre counter. It is also available online at
  • Shades available:-20200,20201,20202

The last one is the one I got. Since I swatched them at the store, I know one is a matte peach and the other is a shimmery brownish pink. Not sure which shade corresponds to which number since I did not notice the names and the website does not mention anything :confused:

  • Ingredients:

Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+beauty blush

  • Packaging:It comes packaged in an outer carton which in turn is completely wrapped in plastic. It’s so nice that it is fully sealed and you can be sure you’re receiving a fresh, untouched piece. The blush comes housed in a matte black square plastic case that is so cute and small that it fits easily into the palm of your hand. I love that it hardly takes up any space in my make-up bag :yes: It is really sturdy and comes with a nice round mirror plus an applicator brush. There is also a mysterious loop on the right side of the blush case. Maybe it is meant for blush lovers who want to use it as a pendant and hang it around their neck so that they can touch up whenever they desire 😛 (Zee, are you listening?? 😉 ) Jokes apart, I have reason to believe that it is supposed to have a thread attached to it which in turn will hold the brush and let in dangle at the side. My suspicion increased when I browsed their website and spotted that their eye shadow has a thread with an applicator holder at the side. But there was no thread in the blush picture and since it came sealed I don’t think it could have gone missing ?:-)

Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+blush for face

  • Applicator:-The funny thing about the brush is that there is no separate compartment for it. It was just lying in the outer carton :-/ In fact, if the Anna Andre logo was not printed on the brush, I would have assumed that they just dumped in some random brush :heh: The bristles are a bit rounded and not completely flat. They are not extremely soft but not too scratchy either. As is the case with most applicators, the size is too small and it makes more sense to use a large, fluffy, round blush brush instead. But the brush still isn’t too bad and can be used for touch-ups.
Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+blusher for cheeks
  • Shade Description:-It looks warm brownish-pink in the pan. The shade is darker than is seen in the pics and the brown tones are not visible in the pan. My camera failed to capture the brown and it looks more peach. Once blended, the color is a nice warm peachy pink that will easily suit all complexions :yes:
Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+powder blush
  • Texture:-I wouldn’t call it buttery soft but it still is very smooth and easy to blend. The only issue is that there is quite a bit of fall-out and you have to blow off the excess before you sweep the brush onto the blusher.
  • Fragrance:-Has a floral, powdery scent that is pretty mild. It is not at all discernible once applied onto the cheeks.
  • Pigmentation:-The pigmentation is quite sheer but can be built up to give medium color. It’s great for first-time users or for those who are afraid of going wrong with application. No question of clown cheeks here.
  • Staying power:I’m absolutely amazed at the staying power! I don’t know if this will last long if worn alone, but when used over compact/ foundation it lasts for 4 hours easily. It does fade slightly but I wasn’t expecting such staying power for a blush that costs so little. Since I have oily skin, most blushes just disappear or oxidize and look ashy after a point of time. But with this, I still have a flush of color left on my cheeks until I wash my face.

What I like about Anna Andre Powder Blush 02:-

  • Sturdy, compact, travel-friendly packaging
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator brush
  • Product comes fully sealed
  • Brush bristles are not too scratchy or flat
  • Warm pink shade that is universally flattering
  • Soft texture that blends easily
  • No harsh fragrance once applied
  • Lasts for 4 hours easily on my oily skin. May last longer on other skin types.
  • Sheer to medium pigmentation
  • Great for blush beginners/amateurs
  • Comes in 2 other shades as well
  • Complete list of ingredients is printed both on the outer carton as well as on the blush case (at the back).
  • Very reasonably priced

What I don’t like about Anna Andre Powder Blush 02:

  • Quite a bit of fall-out
  • Availability

  • Rating: Considering the price, I’d give this 5/5

The finger swatch below depicts the true color in the pan.

Swatches Of Anna Andre Powder Blush 02:-

Anna Andre Powder Blush 02 Review & Swatches+pink blush for indian skin

  • Final Verdict:

The quality of this blush is truly amazing for the price. At just Rs.240, you get a mirror, applicator, sturdy & compact packaging, nice color pay-off and excellent staying power. I would totally recommend this to first-time blush users. I have my eyes on the matte peach shade next :cute:

Have you used Anna Andre Powder Blush shade 02:

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  1. dissssss is so prettyyyyyyy nafsssssss :inlove: :inlove: toh sure checking dese out :lipstick: ..but yea kha miling..never saw newhere ?:-)

  2. Naf!!! i need this!!! where do i find it??? tell tell??!?!??!

    and now dat dats off my shoulders…THANKS so much for dedicating this post to me!!! and a blush wala post too! yey!!

    • hehe…u deserve this Z coz ure the one who inspired me buy blushes in the first place :hug-makeup: U’l have to find a counter in pune or try the website i’ve mentioned 🙂

      • ooh…is it available in any particular store? in pune i doubt ill find it in any actualy store tho..its hard enuff to get other normal brands 😉

  3. i tried the extreme elegance purse eyeliner because it was super small, cheap and it stayed really well. also recommend the deluxe creme lipsticks from Anna Andre. creamy, smooth lipstick- decent but not outstanding lasting but the finish is just fabulous. i tried shade 40202- a purplish pink- day or evening shade.


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