Anti-ageing Secrets Celebrities Swear By


Anti-ageing Secrets Celebrities Swear By

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Being ageless is a dream for many of us and brands cash on that dream. We use expensive anti-ageing creams and even go for treatments to make us look like we are in our 20s. Even celebrities also invest a shit load of money on making themselves look ageless. Ageing gracefully is a very beautiful thing but most of us can’t afford to look old and we all hate wrinkles right? So, when celebrities unveil their beauty secrets especially related to anti-ageing, we all listen with an open mouth. So keep your mouths open as the divas are going to decode their anti-ageing secrets. Scroll down!

Anti-ageing secrets celebrities swear by!

Age: 46

Jennifer Anniston is really not into surgery and prefers to keep her skin ageless by LED light therapy and lasers which tighten facial muscles in a non-invasive way. She also credits her genes for her long-lasting glowing skin and advises to drink lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and using high-quality skincare products for her skincare.

Age: 45

Jenifer Lopez loves to be fit and beautiful and for that reason, she has opened a line that is all about protein shakes and supplements. Staying gorgeous for her means working out is a priority but she keeps her skincare regime as simple as we do! She invests in anti-ageing creams and advises to take off makeup before going to the bed. Simple no?

  • Iman

Age: 59

This Somalian Beauty is one to look up to! She admits that keeping her skin ageless is a task but she loves it. Iman starts her day with a shake and loves to do yoga, cardio and weight. She loves SK-II sheet mask too and gets plenty of sleep to energise her skin. Love her simple routine!

  • Juliane Moore

Age: 54

Juliane Moore is one of the few divas who prefers to stay out of the surgery and other drastic measures. She keeps it simple and smart avoiding sugar, alcohol and dairy whenever possible. And she is also a regular visitor of the yoga studio doing light weight exercises and cardio with her trainer. She also revealed that she wore SPF since the age of 23 and she uses facial oils every morning. Whoa! That’s what you call a routine.

Age: 48

Halley Berry is one of the few actresses from Hollywood who is really open about her beauty and fitness regime. She advises to seek professional advice rather than spending money on unwanted beauty products. She visits her facialist four times a year with a regular routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. And for her figure, she is all about cardio, light weights and free hand exercises.

  • Lisa Bonet

Age: 47

Lisa Bonet is surely goals! She and her 26-year-old daughter look like twins when it comes to their looks. She is quite mum about her beauty secrets but we feel her vegan diet has contributed a lot to it. She avoids animal fat and protein which makes her ever young. Now you know why being vegan is gaining prominence!

Age: 40

Angelina Jolie is the heartbeat for millions of men in the world but we girls also admire her secretly. Be it her naturally pouted lips or her young skin, everything is just so right about her. She dedicates all the credit to smearing caviar on her face – La Prairie’s Skin Caviar which contains fish egg. She also indulges in a diet rich in ancient grains and loves to do kickboxing and pilates.

Age: 45

This dusky beauty has everything going great for her, be it her career or her skin. She believes in deep cleansing and so prefers to flush out toxins from her body by drinking one glass of warm water with lime every morning. Follow pilates and yoga with ample amount of moisturiser to keep her skin ever-young.

  • Sandra Bullock

Age: 50

This lady does some hard work man! Sandra Bullock is seen doing pilates and kickboxing for six days a week and on the seventh day, she indulges herself with everything on her mind. Being the face of Artistry, a luxury skin care brand has helped her a lot in keeping that flawless look for years and we see the results she pays for!

  • Diane Lane

Age: 50

Diane Lane, the Neutrogena spokesperson is really into anti-ageing which is proven by her flawless look and ageless skin. She hasn’t ruled out the possibility of surgery though she has self-confessed her love for Acupuncture facelift in which tiny hair-like needles are rolled all over the face to produce collagen level faster. She also swears by Yoga, an Indian form of exercise and plenty of sleep for her overall skin.

That’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed the post. Do tell me what’s your anti-ageing secret!

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  1. Marvelous! Thanks for sharing their beauty secrets with us Anamika! They all look young and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to know how they manage their skin? I had fun browsing this page and will share this with my friends too.


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