Anti- Ageing Skincare Secrets For Youthful Skin


Anti- Ageing Skincare Secrets For Youthful Skin

Ageing is something inevitable but we can surely delay it. What do we need actually is to moderate our few habits that are not doing us any good and changing a few things we use. It also needs addition of few things to our daily routine. I believe, doing or changing to something new is completely doable if we have the zeal within us and if we focus on the end result. Here, the end result is the age defying pretty you, as ever!

I have assimilated some things that we could do to defy age and why not. We are called as God’s prettiest creation, after all! Read on girls!

Drink water

watee for skin

Yes! The basic to defy age is to drink a lot of water. Drinking water cleans the toxins from our body and rejuvenates the skin in the most natural form. Water not only keeps our body but our skin hydrated. Drinking 5-7 liters of water is medically advised as it keeps us up and running, avoids sickness, takes care of constipation and thus improves the skin.


benefits of fruits
Having fruits in your diet helps to keep the skin younger for a long time! This is not something new that I am mentioning here, but since the agenda is to bring about secrets, let me bring to your notice, some fruits that are very good for the skin Strawberries, water melon, apple, berries etc.


 Vegetable for healthy skin
Some vegetables are also very good for their direct impact on skin and show their impact in very short time. Amla, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and spinach are all good for skin and hold the pores tight and prevent clogging. They are too good to be true when you see the quick results. I have a few friends who have had remarkable changes to their skin because they consumed these vegetables either raw or juice or cooked. And these are all basic vegetables which are always available around us.

Skincare creams

Summer Skincare lotus products haul

Always ensure you are not out without a sunscreen. It is not only a mandate for ageing skins but also for young skins so it is not something new which I am mentioning here. Always use creams with their SPFs as per your skin type. Do moisturize your face whenever you wash it. Wrinkles and fine lines always appear on faces that loose moisture. If we retain this moisture using suitable creams and moisturizers, we can delay the ageing process.

Anti-Ageing Creams

Many anti-ageing creams have been tested and tried and positively reviewed. It is always better to start using these creams once you touch 30 years of age. Beginning the preventive measures before ageing begins to haunt you is definitely better than trying to hide the wrinkles and fine lines behind a layer of thick makeup. Truth is makeup also is not that successful in defying your age, rather it stays with you with makeup. Sometimes the makeup ditches you and the lines reappear. So what can we do about is to start early and make our skin habitual of moisture and nutrition from these creams.

So what do we observe? Our skin also needs nutrition not only from natural sources like water and fruits but also from creams etc. But when we say we are ageing, we should do that gracefully. I am in awe of females like Rekha, Simi Grewal, Karisma Kapoor etc. who are all ageing but doing that so well!

Have you known these anti-ageing secrets for young & radiant skin?

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