Anti Aging Cream – Garnier Wrinkle Lift Review


By Adivaah,

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti Aging Cream Review
I have always ignored the skin around my neck. Whenever I applied a moisturiser, I use to just apply it to the face & didn’t ever bother to moisturise my neck as well! Also leading a stressful life right from school days because of exams to this day has resulted in a lot of lines appearing on my neck! I realised late that we need to take care of the skin around the neck the same way as we take care of our face! So my hunt for best anti aging cream started and I decided to try Garnier that claims to reduce fine lines.

Garnier Wrinkle lift- Anti Ageing cream
Garnier Wrinkle lift- Anti Ageing cream
Price of Garnier Anti Aging Cream is  Rs.110 INR for 40 ml.

What does Garnier Claim about this cream:
Use Garnier Wrinkle lift, if you need an everyday complete solution that targets the different signs of ageing: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, skin dryness. It does more than a classic anti-wrinkle cream:
Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-ageing cream has been designed to reduce wrinkles and put spring and vitality back into your skin, recovering lost firmness and elasticity.
Its formula contains a unique combination of pure natural active ingredients:

Ginger, known for its revitalising properties helps boost the natural process of skin’s regeneration and reinforces its inner strength.
Active essence of cherries, combined with bilberry extract helps firm skin.
Use wherever possible, active natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purify.
Have been dermatologically tested to ensure respect to your skin
Visible Results:
Reduction of fine lines efficacy: 95%*
Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles: 93%*
Improvement in the firmness of skin: 93%*
Intensively moisturizes.
Your skin feels firmer and smoother. The appearance of wrinkles is less noticeable.

Ingredients: Active essence of cherries, combined with bilberry extract helps firm skin.
Ginger, helps boost the natural process of skin’s regeneration.
Glycolic acid
Hyaluaronic acid
Skin relaxing Ginger
Wheat Proteins
Cherry Extract

Garnier anti wrinkle cream
Garnier Wrinkle lift- Anti Ageing cream review

How to use: Gently massage into the skin using circular movements, moving from the inside of your face outwards, and from the base of your neck to the top
My Experience: This cream comes in a red glass pot with a white domed screw off lid. The texture of this off-white colored cream is not too thick or runny but the right kind of texture you need for easy absorption. The cream spreads easily over the skin & gives an even finish & doesn’t leave a greasy film. Just a pea-sized amount is enough because it gets easily absorbed. Once applied the skin feels tight & firm, not uncomfortable at all. It doesn’t make the skin look younger, the fine lines are still there, but it moisturises the skin well! It does make the skin firmer & smoother. I have seen any visible reduction in the lines around the neck but all I can say about this cream is, it’s a good moisturiser! I’m sure if doesn’t work for fine lines, it will not effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Garnier Wrinkle lift- Anti Ageing cream swatches

Pros of the Face cream:

  1. This works well as daily moisturiser for aged skin.
  2. Doesn’t leave greasiness, gets easily absorbed in the skin.
  3. Makes the skin taut & smoother.
  4. Right kind of texture for easy absorption.
  5. It has mild fragrance.
  6. Packaging is simple, comes in a strong glass pot.
  7. Though I haven’t used it on the face, but I think just a pea- size amount is enough for the entire face.
  8. Dermatologically   tested.

Cons of the Face cream:

  1. Doesn’t effectively reduce fine lines
  2. Doesn’t mention which skin type it is suitable for.

Will I repurchase this? No

Will I recommend this? Yes, only as a good moisturiser for the aged skin but not effective in terms of reducing fine lines.

Do you have any suggestions for a anti aging  creams that could be used for fine lines on the neck?

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  1. Hi

    Have u tried garnier Triactive agelift.
    I had bought it half heartedly and was not regular in using it.
    i felt it was little sticky the first time. That made me irregular to use it.
    This winter i was no other cream with me, so i used it continously for 10- 12 days. There was ahuge difference in skin tone. My skin looked a lot more even toned. All the dullness was gone. Unfortunately when i decided it was a good cream it got over. i need to buy another one.

    • welcome to wise she madhura..

      i havent used this cream infact any garnier anti aging cream..can u tell me how much it costs and will it suit oily skin?

      • Hi Anamika,

        I don’t remember the exact price may be it is 349 or 399Rs for a 50gm pump.
        I have a normal skin and felt it a little bit oily when applied but in 10-15mins the oilness is gone. Regarding the oily skin it may feel greasy. But one can give it a try in winter.
        I didn’t use it as the pack says twice a day but used whenever my skin felt dry.
        As I said when i used it continuously for more than week I could see the results.

        Remeber the Chintraganda Singh’s ad? It is easy available in Health and glow stores.
        I got this from my neighbouhood medical stores in B’lore.

  2. i am still luking for a gud cream..! 🙁
    well for my eyes actually!
    m using one of chanel… the lady told me it reduces the fine lines around the eyes.. but its not helping 🙁

    i have got only one or two lines under my eyes! and i hate it 🙁

    anamika… got any home remedy for it?? 🙁
    plz suggest!

  3. first of all candy never keep the under eye cream for long time…it forms into eye bags lateron..whenever u apply it just remove it after 15 minutes or wipe it off..

    applying coocnut oil every night or egg white helps in this..

    P.S- I hope you got what i am trying to say 😀

  4. oh! nobody told me to wipe it off! :O :-s
    not even the lady on the counter that sold me this 55 euro cream! 🙁 🙁

    oke coconut oil! i was applying almond oil from last one week!
    and do i need to wipe that off too???
    egg whites… yukk!! no! 🙁

    p.s. i just read ur comment on that ebook page..
    wat were u telling ur hubby! and wat were u thinking about for soooo long?? 😛

  5. very few people know about it..


    yaa i was telling him that face book has become a good way to drop hint..:D:D
    and u even got a photograph for it :D:D

  6. thnku for the advice.. but do i need to wipe off the coconut oil or almond oil??

    hahaha true… but it wasnt for hint..! actually it was meant for someone whos not on facebook! 😛 😛
    besides… he knws about it.. and it wasnt difficult to find a pic.. caz p.s. i love you is a novel and a movie 😛 😛

    • i don wipe the oil as they are natural and extra virgin..if it is a cosmetic cream then i do..and u got 55 euro cream :O my gawwd.

      • main kya karti… i went to buy a gud eye cream..! and she said… use this one.. its awesome… and chanel pad ke to koi bhi ladki pighal jaye..! hayeee…
        i bought it… or kehte hai naa.. khoda pahaad nikla chuha… its not working! x-(

        lolz.. kachra kyu??? maine usko sms me likh dia tha naa..!!! haye or uske baad devdas (female version) ban gai! 🙁
        uff.. tummy me zoo dance karing.. main kuch kha ke aai! 😛

          • m back! haha ;P 😛
            and kaunsi tricks??!!
            are panga hai pangaa..!! wo idiot jo hai naa… p.s. wo kameena hai poora..!! usko lifetime akele rehna hai! ye bhi koi baat hui! 🙁
            mera dil tod dia

            • can that be possible..please don love a person who likes to be alone ..panga hai ..

              why cant there be a love story without a twist 😀

              • panga is.. i am already in love.. cant help it..!!!
                lol.. or bhagwaan jaane why there cant be a love story widout a twist! 😐
                never heard of a perfect love story! uff..

  7. erm, I have a question. What is the right age to start using anti-ageing cream? becasue I know once you have already developed wrinkles you cannot non-surgically remove them. But then, these creams and products keep the skin conditioned. So, what is the right age? ?:-) ?:-)

  8. Hey Nivedita,like Anamika said it’s 25 onwards, but these days girls in their teens have started to develop fine lines due to stressful life,& not taking proper care of the skin. I’m in mid 20s & the reason I started getting these fine lines is only because I went through depression for a period of time & neglected my skin badly.So I would say no matter what happens in life, don’t forget to take care of the skin & not lead a stressful life & regret later!

    On happy note Anamika, I’m going out with Fiance,yay :jump: :dance:

  9. Adivaah life is too short to be depressed 🙂 i am glad u r out of it..

    why don u follow dr fahee tip of pre mature will help u out.

  10. As far as i know garnier is such product that are most trusted in some countries like europe. I already used this product and i was amazed of the results after a few weeks, its really safe and effective in healing damaged skin.

  11. hii..i just brought this cream n want to knw does it hve wheat protiens as its nt mentioned on the cream jar.. as i have wheat allergy ,, cn i use this.. pls suggest ?:-)


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