Anti wrinkle face mask/pack recipe with step by step picutres

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How is the bright mid week afternoon going?
I got few carrots today and while making Carrot juice   I remembered my mom carrot face masks which she used so often. I have already shared  various carrot face masks here so thought of sharing this one too.
It hardly takes five minutes in making this herbal  mask .If you make carrot juice at home then you can use the left over pulp also in this.
This pack is especially useful for those ladies who see fine lines on their face as carrot contains antioxidant .I like using this pack especially in winters because it keeps the skin moisturizer and gives a glow to the face.Pack will suit both oily as well as dry skin.

So lets go with the Anti wrinkle carrot face pack/masks

Step1 – Grate half carrot.
Step2 – Add 2tbsp. of whole milk cream in it.I use thick cream otherwise the packs keeps falling down from my face.
Step3 – Mix both the ingredients and apply it on your face.
You can make the paste also of both the ingredients but while making the paste in the mixer grinder lot of product get wasted so I prefer using it this way.Apply it on your face and let it stay for 15-20 minutes.If the paste is too runny then you will have to lay on the bed and wait for fifteen minutes.
Rinse off the pack with water and apply toner and moisturizer after using the pack.
This pack can be applied every alternate day as well or can be used weekly too.It helps in reducing wrinkles and keeping skin smooth and moisturized.


  1. wow! tht sounds simple! and if u r recommending thn it’s gonna be effective too, 😉

    i’m pucca gonna gve it a try..

    Ana and all the rest of the gurlz,, i hve a very serious problem, i cannot stick to a regular/ routine use of these things, i’ll do it religiously fr three/four days and thn, :no: , do u guys hve any trick, of using it on daily bases ??!! :-((


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