Anushka Sharma’s PK Inspired Pixie Look


Anushka Sharma’s PK Inspired Pixie Look

Hello Wiseshe Beauties,

I am back here with something which I tried recently and liked a lot. Well, it is not a product review or any new haul, but a new look which I tried! 🙂

anushka sharma pk inspired pixie look

I hope you remember the leggy lass Anushka Sharma in the movie PK. She adorned a totally different look for the movie and everyone had mixed thoughts about her Pixie Hair style in the movie. Personally I liked the new short hairstyle more than the Pixie cut. Well, there is no doubt that for a change a makeover like this really good for anyone. So, one day I came across this picture of Anushka Sharma taken during the promotional tours of her movie PK and an idea crossed my mind. :-))

anushka sharma pixie look

I thought of trying it! But the hurdle behind was  that I could only attempt an inspired makeup tutorial but my long mane would’t go with her look at all! So, I immediately made my mind to get a short bob hairstyle as per my face and do a complete makeover! Another reason was that a cropped hairstyle magically reduces years from your age! So I decided to go ahead with the idea! And yes, I am not kidding! 🙂

So, here I will be sharing my latest experimental Anushka Sharma’s Pk Inspired Pixie Look with all of you! Hope you all like it!

Talking about Anushka’s Look I had this one picture (Shown above) of Anushka taken during one of the events during the movie promotions. So I this was all I had when I attempted this look.

Anushka dorns the typical Indian heavily kohled eyes in this look. So I basically started with applying kohl and smudged it to achieve this eye look.

pk inspired pixie look essentials

Anushka Sharma is pretty fair and was seen heavily blushed in this look so I opted for a soft blush and also used bronzer from Illamasqua Eye shadow palette. I happened to contour my nose a bit as Anushka has a pointed sharp nose.

As you can already see in the picture that she wore a muddy dusty rose pink shade on her lips which looked quite natural on her. As because my complexion is deeper than her, I thought of going with a little bright lip color and so I picked up NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza & San Paulo and used both of them to get this lip color.

ansuhka inspired makeup look

Anushka’s picture was taken in artificial flash light and mine is a day look so the inspired  look appears more brighter. But because I had only this picture, I couldn’t do much!

Speaking about the hairstyle, I hope you didn’t end up believing me ( that I chopped my mane! ). Because there is no way anyone could convince me to cut my hair that short! :-p

anushka sharma inspired pixie look

So, I used a real bob wig to go with this look. I tied my hair in a flat bun and just wore it. Earlier I thought it would look a complete fail on me, but to my astonishment many of my friends really got confused and actually believed that I opted this Pixie hair cut during my recent visit to the salon.

Here is detail about the products I used to get this look-

I hope you all like my latest experimental look! Do share your thoughts girls! 🙂

Did you like Anushka Sharma’s Pixie Look in PK?

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    • Thats quite a compliment Shalini..Thank you so much..

      Thing is i had this hair cut for 2 -3 years when i was a teen and my friend told me how i have a round face and with a hair cut like this i look like a round foot ball..:P So you will never find me going this short ever..I love my long hair to bits 🙂

  1. @sahiba – thank you babes 🙂

    @madhubani – thank u..albeit cant look cuter than you 🙂

    @Tapasqani – thank u..even i liked her look especially her Europe look where she was all in shorts and looking so damn hot 🙂

  2. I almost believed you and had mini heart attack anaaaa ….

    you are looking super adorable and its a tough competition now to choose between you and anvika …
    her elder sis you are looking
    reallyyyy adorable 🙂


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