Happy First Birthday Anvika


Dear Anvika,

Happy First Birthday! I am so happy to know that you have grown up to be a toddler now. Also, now is the perfect time to buy a thousand things for you and decorate you, pamper you endlessly before you start demanding things your way.



Happy birthday 9th july


I can’t believe that it’s been an year.Last year at this time I was in labour and today I am so so damn happy.It feels like an achievement to me. I am really proud that you are my baby .

I love your four baby tooth,

Love how you keep roaming around in whole house all day

I love how you keep yelling “mama” “mama” at top of your voice. Some days I feel I will go crazy when you call me some thousand times but some days its over whelming.

Love that you have learnt to say bye bye and hello.

You don’t cry when you wear clothes and you make me sleep whole night 🙂

Sweet heart you are so perfect for me that I feel fortunate to have you with me. I do try to be your perfect mamma but I sometimes feel that your daddy is much better a father to you and I am so happy about it .




Designer birthday dress baby


You are so special Anvika that both side grand parents came today with flowers, gifts and chocolates although I didn’t expect them to.

I thought I knew what it will be like to be a mother but when you arrived then only you taught me what love is and how I knew of it so little.


Wise She baby blog


You taught me that amount of love one can hold in heart is endless and how to count each day as a blessing.


Anvika wise she anamika


I never thought this but my relationship with your daddy has become even stronger after your arrival. He knows how much mommie loves you and works so hard for you and because of which Daddy too tries to help me more .


Kapil Malik wise she


I wish you the happiest birthday Anvika! Where ever you may go in your life and how much old you may become, you will always be my sweet heart, my love and my life line.

I love you

Mommie 🙂



  1. AWW!!!
    Such a sweet post.
    A very Happy Birthday to the sweetie pie. Lots of kisses n hugs
    N congrats Ana n K for her 1st bday
    Lots of wishes for you three.

  2. Hey..Happy Birthday to ur sweet daughter…Anvika is a beautiful name..It’s my mother’s birthday too 🙂 Now, I would remember her birthday, always!

  3. Wish you a very Happieee bday Anvi 🙂 ! Lots of puchiii !
    Stay blessed always and bring loads of happiness to your proud mum n paa !

  4. So loved to read this , so cute :):)
    A very happy birthday to sweet anvika , loads of hugs and kisses :*

    She is looking so pretty , pretty !

  5. Such a beautiful post written from the heart Ana 🙂 Anvi will be so touched when she will read it one day 🙂

    You all are looking super cute in the pics above. Here’s wishing Anvi many many happy returns of the day. May the little angel be blessed with a long, happy and healthy life 🙂

  6. Happy birthday anvika, ana she is beautiful than u truely, in white dress she looks like angel, just wings are missing 🙂

  7. I welled up reading this..

    Happy birthday little bundle of joy.. may God bless you with all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday angel!

  8. Happy Happy Happy Birthday little Angel…cutie pie u are ..muaahhh
    May God bless you with loads of happiness and good health 🙂
    And Ana.. it made such a good, rather honest read, could see your feelings and emotions right through it…

  9. Awww cutieeeee!!! MashaAllah :-* Such a heart-warming write-up Ana. :-)) Shez inherited all ur lovely features :cute: Wishing u n ur family loads of love, happiness, health n goodwill :hug-makeup: Have a rockin party on sunday :yippee:

  10. The sweetest part of this post is that years later Anvi will get to read this n understand all the more how much her mommy loves her 🙂

  11. ohhhh silly me…I forgot to wish her! :silly: Happyyy Birthdayyy Too Yooo Dearest Anviii. Huggggs n kissesss :-* :hug-makeup:

  12. Very touching Anamika. Happy Birthday to baby Anvika. I can understand how you feel since I have gone through and still going through all these feelings currently.

  13. Happy b’day Anvika……Ana U and anvika are looking so beautiful….u r such an inspirational mom Ana…….God bless U all 🙂


  14. Hey Ana..
    Last year this time I was so anxious about yo delivery .. N today she is already a year ol.. Loads of love ! stay blessed always.. <3

  15. Hey anvika, happy birthday little girl…anamika, even I can’t believe she’s 1 yr old…last year when u were choosing names for her, I was doing the same..your every post,every comment I have read and tried to use in my experience..feel like I have grown up in this last year..my baby now 7 months too does the same,pulling glasses at every opportunity…lots of love to her,my blessings..:))

  16. Happy Birthday Angel 🙂

    Awww. these have to be the most beautiful words I have read in ages, they show so much love…
    May god give bless you with loads of love, good health and mommy with loads of MAC goodies 😛

    Hi A 🙂

  17. I am good 🙂 Just that this is exact opposite corner with time diff of 12 hours… when India sleeps I awake and vice versa 🙁

    How are you ?


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