Anvika’s First Trip To Book Fair


Yesterday my baby turned seven months old and I almost got overwhelmed with emotion. Days are passing by and the way she is growing up it looks as if life is running too fast. I want to picture and remember every day spent with my baby and make her realize that she is the queen of my heart :)..

We decided to take Anvika to Delhi’s  Book Fair today. It was bright and sunny and she looked happy and cheerful too (touchwood). So Anvika wore the new dress which Daddy got for her recently.


Babies day out indian baby blog


In one of the halls, there was a writer who was reading a paragraph from her book and we thought of listening to her.




and when I looked back Anvika was all asleep :P. Reminded me of my college days .


Anamika Wise She


When she woke up she was mesmerized with the bright lights, lots of people and coloured books all around.She is held by K’s college friend who wanted to see her .


Anvika wise she baby


Book fair

I can’t wait to introduce all these cartoon characters to her…Nowdays when I read to her all she  wants is to chew the book or tear all its pages. Thankfully there are hard bound books around.


new delhi book fair


We got some books on good discount and also a baby’s first book which I am going to show on the baby blog soon . I hope Anvika allows us to finish all of them at least before the next year’s book fair 😀




A day well spent with my little princess 🙂 .From tomorrow the mad rush starts 😛

Hope you all are having fantastic Sunday with your family too 🙂


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  1. Hey Ana…lovely pics…and anvika looks so cute….just like a cuddly teddy bear…
    But Ana never click ur baby’s pic while she is sleeping…elders say it makes kid ziddi….

    • thanks Shilpa..but i have heard so many elderly superstitious things that i have stopped considering them until it is too important.

  2. She looks so so cute like a doll…Aaru is never so peaceful when she goes out even as a baby she constantly wanted to crawl around on her own :)) now we just run after her all the time 🙁 BTW lord of the rings is my favorite book…hv read that huge book four to five times :-))

  3. Crawling is still better..she wants us to hold her all the time 😛

    3-4 times..that is quite an achievement….i love the movie so desperately want to read it..i have seen the movie some 4-5 times 😀

    How have u been Parul ?

    • I am k dear working full time now so went missing 😛 but I do read wiseshe even at work..however am very careful not to spend too much time on it or else they will block the site 🙁 ..I love the LOTR movie as well..its a good adapation but the bookd is just awesome nothin can beat it

      • oh u started working..that is awesome and i am so happy to hear that..start opening the site from the proxy setting only so that u r never caught 😛

        if i stop reading the book in between i will mail u to motivate me 😛

  4. That first pic is ADORABLE!!! :cute: What a cute expression :-* Shez such a doll n shez inherited ur big beautiful eyes :lashes: LOL at the part where ure reminded of college coz she dozed off :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. Hiii…every1

    I hv been a silent reader of Wise she 4 a while, bt this is d 1st tym I’m seeing Anvika. This post provided me access 2 other link where i checked her pics and I hv & mst say..lyk mother lyk daughter 🙂 both r PP ( Pinky Princess 😉 ) Anvika is big eye cutie pie 🙂
    Wise she is a 1st place I have seen on this planet where so many gurls r actually helping out each other without fighting 😉 😛
    Keep up 2 good work 🙂

  6. She is adorable. Ana, I can totally relate. when i see some comic books or some little toy and know that she is too small to enjoy it, I have this total impatience come over. Still i show her the book or the toy and try seeing if she is liking it… :silly:

  7. Aww i was looking and looking at her mesmerized pic and when she fell asleept so adorable yaar 🙂 :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-* lotsa kisses to her 😀
    give my love to her and God bless her >:D< huggie sweetheart :-*:-*

  8. she’s soo cute!! n aww d sleepyhead baby!! too sweet n cuddly *touchwood* 🙂 i remembr my mum telling me hw sh*t scared i usd to b of sitting in my pram! i evn hv fotos of my baby days lukn horrifyd n cranky in dat pram lol..btw lotr i love dat buk..i hd spent my 10th std board stdy leave reading the set! i cudve writtn a bettr exam on lotr series! used to wear my mum’s wedding band n go arnd saying “1 ring to rule em all” :p
    on a side note:thanks to all d wiseshe ladies fr savin me lyf! it was chickenpox dat hd attackd me! 🙁 neway ive almst recovrd nw! so yay! u guys rock!! :* 🙂

  9. Yup thnx..almst bk to normal 🙂 n hehe lotr gv me my IT job 2+ yrs ago..d intrvwr hd askd me abt my fav buk etc aftr d tech questning got over n i told hm abt lotr. he askd me d i knw its date of publicatn n i said dat as wel, he was mighty impressd! hehe aise hi thodi na meri fav buk hai woh mr. intrvwr :p


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