Apparel For Not So Slim

We all want to look slim and stylish be of any age. Most Indian women develop flab around their mid waste or back side. Most of the women have a tendency to get smaller size pants or jeans and try to squeeze themselves into it. This is a disastrous habit. One should always prefer buying one size up clothes provided they are not too loose or shape less. Trying to squeeze into a smaller jeans will create an excess flab around the waist making you look fatter on the contrary one size up will make your waist look thinner then what it is.

If you are a girl/women who doesn’t like to wear Indian salwar suit or saree much and prefer western instead and have couple of extra kilos on their body then following tips can be of your help.

Wear leggings

A pair of leggings is a must have in your wardrobe if you have a collection of long tops. They are comfortable to wear and give you a thinner look. Market is full of leggings of various colors but a black legging can be teamed up with all kind of tops. 3/4th legging is for taller women. Short and plump women should avoid short legging. Legging shouldn’t be see through and ultra clingy.

Legging hides the flap on the stomach area. For those with heavy back side and thin legs, it is one of the best things to wear. Those who have thin waist and heavy back can team it up with a belt. This will give an ultra chick look to you.


A plated and a long skirt

Pencil skirts are a best option to hide the tummy. Never buy plated skirts. They are a big NO for women on the heavier side. Plated skirts make you look fatter be it your belly or back side. Knee length skirts or long skirts both can be chosen according to your preference.
Trick is to pick clothes which camouflage your stomach or back side flab. Choose clothes based on your comfort, shape and size and not according to what others are wearing.
Also always wear undergarments of a good brand and correct size. These also play an significant role in your appearance. Now days even body shapers are there in market which can give you your desired look. There are many tips which can do wonders to your style it’s just that you have to know your body and identify what will look good on you. After all you are the one who knows yourself from the day you were born.

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