How To Apply Kajal


How To Apply Kajal


Kajal is a must for every girl. Even if you don’t wear much of makeup, applying only kohl is a good idea. It changes your look by defining your eyes. Wearing kajal is a especially good idea for girls who wear spectacles.

Applying kajal perfectly is very easy. Just a little practice can make you an expert. Try these simple and quick steps to get those bold and attractive eyes.


how to apply kajal pencil


Step 1– The most important part is start with clean and moisturised eye area. Cover any darkness using a good concealer.

Step 2– Prime your eyes so that the kajal stays long without smudging.

Step 3– Always buy a good-quality kajal. Pull your eye outwards and trace the waterline with a kajal pencil. You should go from inner corner to outer corner. If you wear specs then skip this step as it can make your eyes appear smaller.

Step 4– For a bold look, you can apply kajal on your lower rim as well but don’t forget to smudge it a little. Smudging can be done with a smudger or Q-tip. This step is a must for specs-wearers.

Step 5– Now for your upper eyelids, place the kajal pencil very close to your lash-line and make a line from inner to outer corner. This line should increase in thickness as you move outwards.

Step 6– Even the line on upper eyelids can be smudged for an easy smoky-eye look.


how to apply kajal perfectly


It is a good trick to rest your hand on your cheek while applying kajal if you have shaky hands. You can finish the look with mascara if you like.
Now look at yourself in mirror , I’m sure that you will love your look. Once you perfect these basics, you can be adventurous and try out more looks like graphic and winged etc.

Did you like the tutorial of applying kajal?

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  1. I love that you picked up on a basic skill that’s so easy to mess up.. 🙂
    But we really shouldn’t tug the delicate under eye region, it’ll just cause premature wrinkles.


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