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By Prerana,

For me, Mascara, kajal and lipstick were probably the most used stuffs during my college days. Mascara gives definition to eye lashes and if worn properly, small eyes too can look bigger. There are water-proof and water soluble mascara available and depending upon once need it can be selected.Few days back a wise she reader Neha asked  to do a tutorial on how to apply mascara so thought of doing it today 🙂

Steps to apply Mascara Properly

Step 1. Girls always start their makeup session by moisturizing their face. Just be careful for NOT to apply moisturizer on eye Lashes while blending on other parts of skin.

Step 2. As you apply primer and powder to eye lids, after curling your lashes, apply a very little compact powder to your Lashes too, this will give volume to lashes and will make the mascara to stay on the Lashes for a long time 

How To Apply Mascara

Step 3. Look down into a mirror, apply a thin coat 1st time, from above your lashes.

Applying Mascara

Step 4. Now apply mascara from below the lash. This will coat mascara from both the sides of lashes. Use zig-zag motion of mascara brush at the roots of eye lash to holds them into the brush

Applying mascara

and then stroke upwards, this will brush up the lash and avoid clumps and spider web.

Applying Mascara

Step 5. Let the mascara in the upper lash dry up completely, do not blink for 30sec, then comb the lashes to separate the hairs and remove excess mascara.

Step 6. Now apply mascara to the lower lash looking upwards in the mirror.


How To Apply Mascara

Finish off with kajal and eye liner. Here I must praise Lakme Lash Artist which curled up my eye lashes very beautifully. I don’t posses a lash curler nor I have used a lash curler in my life. Every thing about the curling is taken care of by Lash Artist J


How To Apply Mascara

Now some Tips –

  1. Always dry the 1st coat of mascara before applying the 2nd coat to avoid clumps.
  2. If accidentally you apply excess mascara then blot it with tissue paper gently.
  3. Do the top lash 1st and then the lower lash.
  4. Never add water to the mascara if it starts to dry up, this will give bacteria a breeding medium!
  5. Do not blink eyes till mascara dries up completely.
  6. Mascaras should be replaced every after 5 month.
  7. Never curl your lashes after applying mascara as the eyelashes can stick there.
  8. Don’t apply mascara on the lower lashes if you have dark circles under the eyes as it will accentuate them.
  9. For healthy eye lashes apply Vaseline to lashes at night before going to bed.


I hope the article helped you in someway 🙂

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  1. Nice tutorial prerana. Good for novice makeup users like me. Can u make an tut on applying blush too? After wise she recommendations, I got my first blush today :-)) , Colorbar Just earth. I tried, but confused bout the quantity to be applied! Thanks 🙂

  2. I need some help here….if i happen to put on excess mascara but i realised it after it dried, what is the easiest and least messy method to remove it?

    • If I wear excess mascara then i just is the eye lash brush to remove the clump so that all the lashes get separated one more easy thing is place the tissue paper and press it little on your eyelashes..excess get removed.

    • you must have seen Maha’s haul posted few days back na??
      in the 1st pic she had shown pic of some Vega makeup brushes, i think among those brushes u will find eyelash brush too! It is small baby comb like..

      sorry maine uska pic nahi diya, actually my mascara brush is comb like no, so i don’t posses an eyelash brush 😐

  3. Nice tute Prerana :yes: But i was just wondering if we comb our lashes after the mascara dries the lashes will start breaking right? Pls do correct me if I am wrong coz I dare not touch my lashes after the mascara dries :-((

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post Prerna……..I know what i have gone through when applying mascara for the first time 🙁 ..some of my eyelashes broke 😥 :-((


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