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Apricot kernel oil is a replacement of mineral oil.As most of us know that suitability of mineral oil in skin care and cosmetics is being questioned many times and in this discussion apricot kernel is considered as a good substitute of it.Its unqiue texture enhances the feel and elegance of its  formulation.

Apricot kernel oil benefits

It is rich in vitamin E and helps in protecting the cell membrane .Products which are being formulated with the oil helps the skin by retaining its elasticity and suppleness.

Oil has smooth consistency and has relatively less non-greasy”feel”.The ability of the oil to act as a moisturizing agent prevents the skin from excessive moisture loss and makes the oil one of the most desirable ingredient in many skin care products.


Apricot oil helps in soothing body parts which have been victimized by boils and burns.Oil is popularly used in massage oils and in aromatherapy it is used in the form of carrier oil in combination with essential oils.


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