April Fool: An excellent theatre performance at La Makaan


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It has been a long long time since myself and Anamika saw a reasonably good movie flick (or any movie for that matter). With Good Friday and a long weekend coming, we were looking for some KitKat-break options from work and behold! We find that the only bollywood option we have is Abhishek Bachchan’s Dum Maro Dum. However, even Deepika’s self-proclaimed ‘better-than-sheila’ number and Prateik’s looks couldn’t persuade us to watch one more AB Jr. dumber :D. Thankfully, I spotted a play in BookMyShow for the evening and the IHC (India Habitat Centre) memories of Delhi were revived. So we set off to our first theatre visit in Hyderabad.

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The play : ‘April Fool’ was organized by My Theatre Cafe which’s a platform for artists of various fields (theatre, dance, music etc.). Ticket cost Rs. 100 per person. The location read : La Makaan – opposite to GVK One and adjacent to CBay building. If only any single soul (read Autowallahs and shopkeepers) knew about it 😛 We asked almost everyone on the way for its wherabouts and got the response like – “Lal Makaan?, Lal Bangla? GVK one is here only, CBill? (we replied the spelling – C B A Y) – CBA? no idea” …. And finally we saw the CBay building to our rescue. Even though there was no building adjacent to it, a God-sent person guided us to the narrow lane which lead to the La Makaan – which’s a Bungalow and not any amphitheater which we were expecting.

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A stage was created on the empty space in the backyard and chairs were arranged in front of it. We reached just 5 min early and it was already almost full. Even with no seats available, the enthu of crowd was undeterred and we grabbed some space on boundary wall which was still within the audible range of the stage.

Theatre Group in Hyderabad

The play is about 4 friends in a college hostel, 3 of whom (Anil, Shirish, Rakesh), pull an April Fool prank on the 4th (Ajay) by making him believe that his father has come from village to meet him. Though dismissive at first, Ajay, apparently the youngest shortest and weakest of all, gradually starts believing that the empty space on the chair is actually occupied by his father – especially when the rest 3 of them are able to talk to him so naturally. The prank backfires and the 3 are silenced as Ajay’s monologues with his father build up, revealing his unhealthy childhood and bringing out his hitherto unspoken thoughts and emotions.

La Makaan Theatre

It’s a Marathi play by Yogesh Suman, and translated, designed and directed by Saurabh Gharipurikar. The hostel environment is portrayed nicely and some initial dialogues/references have been regionalized to give the Hyderabadi touch and humour. Albeit in a kindda side role, the 3 actors looked good and played their parts convincingly. However, the high point of the play is an excellent performance from Krishna Shukl in the role of Ajay. The scene when he shows himself being dragged from hair and getting beaten up by his invisible father, is amazing. Having stayed in Banaras Hindu University, I’ve seen class theater performances by students of Faculty of Performing Arts, but this was no less. The final moments of the play witnessed pindrop silence – and converted into a standing ovation and applause as it ended.

A fantastic experience altogether, it was an evening well spent 🙂 and encouraged us to explore more of such opportunities in Hyderabad.


P.S. :My theatre cafe is run on charity and I am sure there must be many more organizations which promote budding talent and need some exposure and support.If you are an organisation/group related to Arts/Culture or associated with a special cause and want us to write about it then you can contact us.We will be happy to do our bit by supporting the cause through Wise She.

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  1. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    kapil your post are always crisp and fresh ….

    ana now dont delete this as i have guest at home and will read it again later ….. i request

  2. Kapil ji, nice post 🙂 I have heard from my friends that theatre plays are much better than movies. Would love to watch a theatre play some time.
    And Anamika, you must have enjoyed 😀

    • Hi Maha, Thanks 🙂 Yes, actually Plays are like the English movies for us – the ones we get to watch are usually those which are well appreciated and already above the regular stuff. I’m sure if you watch them as frequently as bollywood, you’d have your fair share of complaints and disappointments as well.
      Nevertheless, it’s an interesting experience to see a live performance and that too not in a stadium full of 10K+ people with a 500m gap, but real close and effective…

      • I am sure it will be better than the present bollywood which has become mostly plastic now. And I accept there will be flaws too but since they are performing live, it must take them immense courage and confidence 🙂
        And with all your description, I am even more interested to watch a play now 🙂

        • ohh ya Maha, initally i thought the play is going to be mundane.There was hardly any music, good clothes , lightening or makeup which pulls lot of crowd.all there was acting skills which made the audience spell bound..there was pin drop silence and every body was so much into the play.

  3. Sounds like fun Anu and Kapil…i just checked Bookmyshow…this play is gone but there is some other play “Hutt teru Kismat”….only sad part, the timing is 7.30pm..is hat the usual time around which they have plays? i was thinking something around 5pm or so…

    • yes Mitra this is the usual time…but they r worth watching… u and yur guy can go there ..it will be a nice pleasant evening..and we too are planning to go today but not sure..

  4. if thats the case i wil go..today is easter na so he is full too busy at home entertaining his guests…will plan next week…thanks for letting me know about this place Anu/Kapil 😀

    • pleasure..this organisation is run on charity..and promotes those who have talent in them..so u can support them just by being there.

  5. Wow, I have always read about plays organised in our city, but thought they must be boring & unremarkable but after reading the post I’m planning to go for one such play in the future. :yes:

    & LOL I wasn’t even aware of the Lal Makaan 😀


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