Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial | Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment Benefits


Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial | Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment

Hey Everyone,

All of you who follow me on Instagram must be aware that I recently went to attend a skin treatment at La Skin Clinic in Gurgaon. Well, it was Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial to be accurate. I am here to share my experience about Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial | Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment

So, I was invited for this particular facial and since I have been experiencing a lot of dryness after my Laser Treatment I instantly said yes!

I really could use some sort of hydrating treatment for my skin lately after chemical peeling. One of the prime reasons the skin starts showing aging signs is due to lack of ample hydration!

Well, I took the Aqua Shine Skin Booster Treatment and it was ultra hydrating for my skin. I believe that apart from the anti-aging concern, this treatment is very useful for women of all ages be it mid 20’s or late 30’s.

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aqua shine hydration skin boost facial

The younger girls are even prone to skin drying because they are constantly on the go. While working in the office in a constant air conditioned surrounding or traveling as per their job demands.  All this makes the skin prone to so many different places & pollution levels which further hamper the skin condition!

And to add to these the younger generation has not much time up their sleeve to sit back & relax much because of their priorities!

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Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment

Well, talking about the Aqua Shine Hydrating Facial treatment, it involves various steps in which the skin is polished to remove dead skin & to remove impurities from clogged skin pores. After that a strong spray of water & oxygen is subjected to the face to cleanse it deeply! Unlike the salon facials which is superficial and has temporary effects which last a week or so, the Aqua Shine Hydrating Facial is more of a deeply nourishing & hydrating treatment. It makes the skin supple & smooth for a longer duration and has lasting effects on the skin!

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Aqua Shine Skin Booster Hydrating Facial

Benefits of Aqua Shine Hydrating Skin Booster Treatment

This treatment is more intrinsic and nourishes deeply! The skin pores are cleansed and a jet stream of water & O2 makes the skin more soft! Since this treatment is done so deeply, its effects last a long time until your next treatment session! Unlike a salon facial which is good for about 2-3 days and then again starts to develop dead skin & residue build up!

Who Should Get This Treatment?

All the women in their prime twenties to the elderly women who experience skin drying should get this. For all those who have started noticing fines lines on or around their facial skin will surely benefit from this treatment. Those women who are always on the go and are too busy with career or family should try this!  As they cannot regularly maintain a proper skincare regime so doing this once a month will help their skin. It makes sure that their skin doesn’t loose the glow and is always hydrated! 🙂

Who Should Not Get This Treatment?

Well, skin hydration has nothing to do with what type of skin you have! Even if you have oily skin on the surface, you skin need your skin to be hydrated deeply inside otherwise fine lines & wrinkles will quickly emerge and it would be too hard for you to slow down the procedure! I think Aqua Shine Hydrating Skin Booster Treatment will suit every skin type. You can get it done in any of the LA Skin Clinic in your city.

You can checkout the basic steps done in the Aqua Shine Hydrating Facial Skin Treatment in the vlog below-


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