Arabic Eye Makeup In Olive Green (Eye Makeup Tutorial )


Olive green Arabic Style Makeup:-

Hi beauties!! For today’s tutorial I wanted to try out something with a green shade—something like olive or lime green. So I picked up Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 , it has 5 beautiful shades of green’s varying from lime green to dark forest green. As a result I came out with the following :-

 smoky eyes arabic eye makeup tutorial

Working with the eyeshadows was fine, but doing this kind of eyeliner is a bit tricky. So let’s start doing this look  🙂

Step1:– Apply green eyeshadow:-

The eyeshadow I chose for the base was a slight gold-lime-green, i.e a lime green with gold finish. Apply the eyeshadow using a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and starting from the inner corner extend it upto your brow bone, this is because the same shadow has been used as a highlighter in one go. You might of course want to highlight it later. Then I used a light green color and placed it in the centre of the eyelid , like this :-

arabic eye makeup+eye makeup tutorial

Step2:– Apply dark green eyeshadow:-

Now using an angular brush dab on some forest green colored eyeshadow along your lash line, starting from the ¾ of your eye and lengthening it slight out. Without blending the dark green, take some black/charcoal eyeshadow on a crease brush or a pencil brush, start blending the dark green and bringing it inwards. Using a crease brush really helps with the blending , like this :-

arabic makeup tutorial

I didn’t highlighted the brow bone now, because I already had put the eyeshadow in step 1. But if you eliminated it that time, you may want to highlight your brow bone using a gold highlighter, or if you want a matte effect then skip it by running around with a nude toned eyeshadow ( in this case your compact powder is most acceptable ).

Step3:- Apply liner & Mascara:-

The key to this look is the way the liner has been applied. First of all if you notice, the liner is extended inwards slightly below the tear duct. Now to do this you may line your eyes normally you do while making that winged eyeliner, and for the tricky part you may use a felt tip liner pen such as Colorbar Perfect Edge Marker Pen. Use this pen, connect with the eyeliner that you applied, bringing the marker pen down & crossing your tear duct area (something much more like a slant line), with this you’d be having an incomplete V. Now complete the V by drawing a line on your lower lash line and making it join the wing part of eyeliner on the outer side of your eye.  ( Hope this all makes sense 😛 ) Fill in your waterline with a kohl pencil and apply thick coats of mascara to complete this look.

arabian eye makeup tutorial+how to do smokey eye makeup

The major point of attraction for this look is the style of applying eyeliner, this kind of eye lining style is chiefly used in Arabic makeup, or you might be knowing it as Cat-eyed eyeliner. Therefore the eyeshadows used were very subtle so that they don’t look over as compared to the eyeliner. But if you find that this style of applying liner is not made for you, then also this look is striking because combination of the gold-and-green work immensely.

This is the final look with falsies  :

arab eye makeup+smokey eyes makeup tutorial

Hope you all are enjoying the tutorials  🙂  Godbless !! <3

Products used :-

smokey eye makeup products

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  1. Love this look! Loved the green!! and the way the eyeliner is drawn. The inward curve near the tear duct was originally an egyptian trend .. and then the rest of the world was inspired by it.. 😀

  2. i can’t express ana………………… how beautiful u r looking ………………………… which adjective i use it will not be suitable……………………….

  3. Very dramatic Upasana!! You make eye make-up look so easy!! 😀 😀
    Hey hamein bhi wedding snaps dhikao… not fair not fair :smug: 🙁 :-((

  4. The falsies look awesome on u upasana 🙂 N uve absolutely nailed the arabic style eyeliner. Cleopatra wud have luvd to witness this tutorial 😉

      • i havent seen falsies available so easily here..lekin i guess i havent looked properly…i always end up wid lippies, liners n blushes…. 🙁

          • true..ill check..but m so scarfed t put them..ive told A so scared ke wot if tey gt stuck permanently??? or wot if the glue gets into my eyes?? 😉

            btw ho do u remove falsies switty?

            • seriously btau toh the lashes come out like you peel something out (thats becs i dnt hve d best quality glue) nvr mind evn if u try it wid smthn like duo adhesive, then try soaking a cotton ball in warm water then just keep on ur eye to soften the glue 🙂 uske bd jus remove the lash using tweezer 😉 its just so simple… it won’t get stuck + the glue is applied on the corners of false lash islie u cn nevr accidently put it into ur eye :makeup:


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