Arabic Eye Makeup With MAC Grape & Vanilla Pigment – Pigment Series 1



From today we are starting with the pigment series where I will be combining pigments and showing you some of the makeup style which I keep practicing every now and then.I know we have too many things running here  on Wise She with Inglot products reviews and dupes series but this is what make up is .Total Fun and yet so beautiful !

Eye makeup which I have done here is  a simple smoky arabic makeup where I have used MAC Grape pigment and MAC Vanilla pigment.My maybelline gel eyeliner is missing therefore I used a liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Kajal  for the eyeliner and water line.


arabic makeup eyes tutorial+mac grape pigment tutorials+ mac vanilla pigment tutorial


Arabic eye makeup+Arabic eye makeup +smoky eye makeup tips


These are the two pigments MAC Grape and MAC Vanilla :)Loved both of them :heart:


MAC Pigment grape and vanilla swatches+mac grape pigment+MAC vanilla pigment reviews



  • MAC Grape Pigment:-A beautiful frosty purple with a barely visible shimmer.
  • MAC Vanilla Pigment – I used this as a highlighter and Oh! My God! I loved it so much.It’s a beautiful  pale white shade  with gives hint of gold when blended.


MAC Grape pigment & Vanilla swatches+MAC Grape pigment swatches+MAC Vanilla pigment swatches


False eyelashes used are from KKCenterHK 


MAC arabic eye makep tutorial mac grape and mac vanilla pigments


Let me know if you have any eye makeup request 🙂


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  1. OMG… so so so so so pretty and appealing this one is
    u should hav posted with tutorial … :-* :-*
    Damn beautiful… i swear..

  2. omg i loved it, wanna see the whole face, :rose: :rose:
    and also would like to see the princess Tamina’s look from Prince of persia next time : 😀

  3. thts a very luvly eye look n i luved the attire u used to enhance it better…
    this is my 1st comment on ur blog.. i do visit it often and cudn’t resist commenting today… Fab work..

    • Hi Nids…welcome to Wise She..I am glad that the post inspired u to comment ..:) yup! the attire did play a nice part 🙂

  4. :inlove: :hypnotized: :inlove: :hypnotized: :inlove: :hypnotized: :inlove: :hypnotized: u did magic again..itssssssss gorgeous..both d pigments r sooooooo beautifulllllllll :heart:

  5. Hi Ana,
    Such a gorgeous LOTD…I’m a passive reader of ur blog from long time…but ur look made me comment to compliment you… :-*


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