Are you in love with your officemate and serious about it?


By Ishika,

With most of us being a part of the rat race, in order to have an edge over the others and fulfill our ambitions, work has taken the top priority above evrything else. The workplace has become our second home as we spend more time in office then we do at home. With people becoming more and more career oriented, they tend to meet lot of different people in the form of collegues, business partners, clients so meeting their potential dating partners is quite evident in such a environment. But office romance can turn nasty at times and create lot of trouble for the employers. To avoid such a situation, companies these days have stringent policies in place which discourage employees to get involved in any such activities. Since office romance is very common these days, here are some ethics:
1. Proceed with the relationship if both agree mutually. If the other employee is not interested, all the playing around and verbal sparring should end right away.
2. Be clear about any policy of the company on harassment so that you can think twice before taking any action else you can get involved in a legal lawsuit on complaint by other employee
3. If the company feels that it is never a good idea for a manager to be romantically involved with a subordinate in their own organization, this should be clearly spelled out in the company policy as inappropriate and subject to corrective action.
4. Please don’t get involved in any untoward activities like cuddling and smooching in the isolated areas of the office. It might leave the company left with no choice but to sack you for not adhering to the work place ethics.
5. One should clearly prioritize between work and romance. Often, flings at the workplace are a major source of distraction and may even hamper your career and put your job in jeopardy.
6. If both of you mutually agree to carry on with the relationship, be open about it with your friends and co-workers.
7. Please don’t get involved in public display of affection at workplace. Save romantic words for dates outside office. Emailing personal exchanges using office computer can be quite humiliating and embarrassing if discovered.
8. Keep your relationship strictly professional at work. Maintain the same kind of rapport as you do with your other co-workers.
9. If your relationship ends due to some reason, coming to work might be stressful and can make you emotionally weak. Please don’t gossip about it with your coworkers to avoid unnecessary tension.
10. If you feel that the stress due to breakup is difficult to handle, just go ahead and take a relocation to the companies different office or change your job instead of thinking about committing suicide or commit any act of violence.
The crux of the whole thing is that office romance if handled well can lead to a relationship else can lead to a lawsuit for harassment. So please take care of above office ethics and take the right decision for yourself.
So do you belive in office romance? Do you think it is long lasting and can materialize into marriage?


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