Are you suffering from yeast Infection?

I have been suffering from this infection since 3-4 months and like most of the woman I ignored it. When things got worse I met my gynaecologist and researched on it too. Wise She is a platform where we as a team can share many life experiences be in terms of beauty, health , relationship or food. For me life is about positivity and good health .Rest things do hold importance to me but without these two things my existence on earth is meaningless.
As this was a painful experience both physically and mentally for me I would like to share my experience with you lovely people who motivates me every day.

Let me first start with the infection suffered by me which is called as yeast infection.

Yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans which is a type of fungus. This infection affects the vagina and the vulva area outside the vagina. This yeast is present as a normal flora in the vagina but when the fungus is uncontrolled an infection take place.

Common symptoms of this infection are:-

*One might experience extreme itching in the area of the vagina or vulva.

*An odor less discharge will be there which will be thick in its consistency.

*There will be visible irritation in the area of the vulva and one might have pain during sex or urination too.

Diagnosis-This is a common infection which is similar to any other vaginal infection and if a woman is suffering from any of the above  symptoms then they should consult their doctor immediately.

A cream or an oral medication can be prescribed by the physician which you might have to take for 2-3 weeks or it may depend upon the severity of the infection.

There are many causes which can lead to this infection such as

Pregnancy,  reaction of some antibiotic, diseases which includes diabetes and HIV, illness, less sleep, stress, menstruation etc.

Few tips which are recommended by the doctors to avoid it are:-

*Wear undergarments which have cotton fabric.

*Do not take extreme hot baths.

*Change the pads frequently during menstruation.

If you are suffering or have suffered from this infection then you can write about your experience and what you did to overcome them and help out the readers.

If you search for any of the female disease in Google most of the time you will not find the right info. Info provided may be for too severe problem which may scare you too. Many of the sites which come on the 1st search are highly search engine optimized and therefore money can only be there focus rather than giving its viewer the right information. So don’t be scared just meet your gyna and take proper precaution.


  1. hey thanx fr the visit to my blog anamika….by the way..the pics r nt clickd by me..they r uploaded frm the net… vrry much new to this thing…hv lotta querries..hope u can help me out..Psssssttt….lovely space u hv here…great blog…i loved it….keep up the good wrk gurl! 🙂

  2. I know one lotion which helps but still a doctor visit is a must..if u want i will just check what is the exact name of the lotion.

  3. Hey! Do tc :)One of friend's too suffered from this very recently, and she too made it a point to go to the doctor immediately.. You have given good advice.

  4. Yup..I am a person who delay doctors like anything and dont realize the additional stress which piles on me..Thanks Tanz:)..

  5. appreciating your ideas and matters regarding health and in different sectors of life style.Hope for the best Thanks Your pappa


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