Are you thinking of DINK(Double Income No Kids)

Ria and Amit were in same college and fortunately got placed in same company. Few years later they realized they are in love and have same aspiration and goals in their mind. When Ria’s parents started looking for her,Amit proposed marriage leaving aside his MBA plans. Amit postponded his MBA plans and Ria supported him After marriage, to Ria’s surprise all relatives started asking for kids where they both were trying hard to save money for Amit’s MBA . For her wedded bliss inevitably giving way to parenthood was a notion of the past.She wanted to have a kid but not before she settles down well. Few years later Ria decided and declared to everyone that they both have decided to let go off her decision to have a baby.

Nowadays Couples gets so caught up with their marriages and with added responsibility of house, parents and paying off their house or car loans becomes a priority for them. There are many couples who are now opting for DINK which is becoming popular day by day. There are many couples who have been married since 10 years and still don’t feel the need to have a baby. Their main concern is to have water tight contraception.

Some couples are well aware of the responsibility which comes with the child and to enjoy their young life they shift their plan to thirty’s. Some are insecure and feel that they might feel the child vacuum later in life therefore get their embryos frozen for a later date. With high aspiration they want to settle down financially before plunging upon the decision.

There are many couples who get so tired of their regular infertility treatment that later on instead of undergoing trauma of treatment couple prefers of staying childless. Also, women have become so conscious of their body that thinking of having a child scares them. Women also are unwilling to take a break from their carrier and with ideology of an independent women they don’t want to be dependent on their husband.

Leaving beside the Practical reason there are many psychological reason also attached to it. Delayed pregnancy creates a vast gap between the kids and the parents’ .To handle young kids that too in nuclear family requires stamina which is difficult to maintain with such a hectic life style. Also, with families going nuclear idea of living with their kids in old age or kids taking care of them is also seems a distant reality.

Going through all the pros and cons many couples are satisfied and doesn’t feel the need to have an off spring to feel completed and are believing in DINK happily.


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