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Rarely women breast are similar and therefore two women cannot wear the same bra. There is quite a bit of difference between the women’s breast, volume, shape and size and even spacing which most of us tend to ignore.

Bras are sized in two dimensions, one is called the band and the other is cup. Therefore if a bra is labeled as 34B then it means that it has a band size of 34 inches and a cup size of B. Difference countries have different kind of measurement such as in Europe you will find bra measurement in centimeters where as in England it will be inches. In India I have seen both centimeters as well inches may be this is because most of us are not sure what to wear and therefore all brands are experimenting with us.
How to find out the correct size bra
All you need is a measurement tape. First you need to know your band size which is basically you ribcage measurement. Therefore to know your band size you have to measure it from just below your bust.

You should remove your clothes while measuring with tape and stand straight with your arms just by your side. While measuring you should neither be too tight nor too lenient.
So if you are measurement is over 30 then call it as 30 but if you are closer to 31 inches then take it as 31.If you get an odd number then add five inches to your measurement and if it is even then add 4 inches.
After measuring the band size you need to measure around the fullest part of your bust and in exactly the same manner. The difference between two measurements is then calculated as your cup size. If the difference is less than 1 inch then you are an AA cup .1 inch difference will give you an A cup .2 inches difference will make it a B cup and so on .
Women with big bust generally go for a small cup and large band size which is completely wrong. One should measure oneself at least once a year as wearing wrong size bra can lead to many medical issues .Therefore take little effort and try to measure yourself correctly. Wearing correct size bra will not only boost your confidence but sometimes make you appear slim too.
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