Are your cursed with fatso gene?

Hey!! I am not fat its just that I have fatso genes

There are many of us who believe that they are fat because of their genes. Well unfortunately is true but instead of giving it up why not fight with it?

If you are having fatso genes then you only have to be extra active as compared to others. Giving an hour to yourself every day can make you fight with your fatso genes easily. If you are not the one who would like to join a gym then take up activities like gyming, bicycling, dancing, swimming etc.

Don’t think it is only you who have to do this extra work, it is said that one in six people weigh on average seven pounds more than other people because of their fatso genes. So don’t think you are the only one, there are many more who are in your group.

This extra hour work out should be taken as soon as one enters into their teens so that one doesn’t have to fight with weight problem later .So don’t take it as your destiny just one hour can make you slip into your favorite jeans.



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