Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum review



I’ve reviewed the Argan Deluxe Shampoo & Conditioner earlier which had a 50/50 opinion. I did pick up this serum and a hair mask too and frankly both have left a sour taste in my mouth and my wallet lighter by alot of cash I’d have rather spent on chocolates even..That’s how much I’m coming to dislike this brand..But let’s not talk hate right away..let me explain my experiences to you with their products instead. Today I’m reviewing their Hair & Body Serum


Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum review+ argan de luxe

About Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum

  • Argan Oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, one of which is linoleic acid (omega 6, the most essential of all) ensuring the functions of repair and defense of the hair and skin

  • They stimulate intracellular oxygenation and thus favor the restoration of the hydrolipidic film by increasing the nutriment content of cutaneous cells and ensuring the indispensable moisturizing of the hair and skin

  • The essential fatty acids fight against drying and the loss of elasticity which encourage the appearance of wrinkles

  • The skin gains suppleness, elasticity and tonicity and becomes more resistant

  • This beneficial action against cutaneous ageing is reinforced by a very high content in Vitamin E (tocopherols) hydrating and healing, but especially one of the most powerful biological antioxyders which neutralizes the free radicals

  • Vitamin E protects the cell membranes against lipid oxydization and thus slows down the process of skin ageing


Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum review+ argan oil

My experience with Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum

Price: INR1300 for 100ml

It comes in the tall bottle with a not-so sturdy’s quite flimsy infact but the pump has more resistance to it so there’s no danger of any mishaps. The serum is honey colored and thick in texture.

Argan De Luxe Hair & Body Serum review


This is a serum meant for both the hair and the body and I’ve tried it on both. When applied on my hair, I feel it makes my hair look darker and more lush..but on the downside, like most serums do, this doesn’t help with detangling at all….not 1 bit which is sad coz thats why I mainly use a serum in the first place.

For application on the body, I found it a bit heavy for summers and monsoons. It takes a while to get absorbed since it’s on the thicker side. But I think this would be quite good for winters when my skin gets dry and flaky. The fragrance is lovely and stays on the skin for about 30mins or so.

My final word on this would be that this is waaaay too expensive for a serum considering that it doesn’t work on my hair and i think would work on my skin only in winters (which I yet have to try). I’d probably never re-purchase this. I’m actually quite disappointed at how flop the products from this brand are..Not working for me at all.

Rating: 1/5 (just for the prospect that it may be useful during winters)

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  1. ohhhh gosh! while clicking on the link to read the review, I was hoping for a positive word. But I think this brand is worth ignoring altogether 🙁 but thanks for the warning Zee 🙂

  2. hey .. i think people do not know how to use this product. I am from Singapore and tried this oil. The shop assistant give me clear instructions on how to use it. USE this after a towel dried hair(immediately after shower). IT Gives the suppleness and treatment for chemical damaged hair. etc rebonding , coluring .

    USe this on scalp at night and washed it thoroughly in the morning. USe the Argan Shampoo as well. Many of my friends are using this as i recommended it to them.

  3. Hi dear, I agree wif u me too using this same product in SG and im seeing alot of difference in my hair..My hair fall has reduced so much and my husband too love tis product cos his bald patch hair starts growing!!..


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