Argan De Luxe Shampoo & Conditioner Review



We’ve all heard amazing stuff about Argan oil and how amazing it’s supposed to be for our hair. I too was curious about it and snapped up this new product off the shelf of a local beauty store here in Pune the minute I cats my eye on it. I’ve been using this shampoo & conditioner since a month now and thought it the right time to review for you all. For your reference, my hair type is dry to normal but turns frizzy during summers.


argan de luxe conditioner review+ argan de luxe shampoo review

About Argan De Luxe Shampoo

  • Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo gently cleanses the hair fiber, provides softness and eases detangling
  • Hair is nourished with Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9, and looks healthy and shiny from roots to ends

Price: INR800 for 300ml and INR1140 for 500ml



argan de luxe shampoo review

My experience with Argan De Luxe Shampoo

This shampoo comes in a sleek pump bottle packaging which may not be best for travel but is really convenient in the bathroom. No need to scramble with soapy hands and try to wrestle with wet caps..just a pump or 2 and you’re done.

The shampoo isn’t too runny in consistency and is on the thicker side. I have mid-back length hair and I need about 3 pumps. It does foam up but not too much.

argan de luxe shampoo review+ argan de luxe shampoo ingredients


I like the shampoo alot..It doesn’t weigh down my hair and after I started using this, I felt a change in my hair texture in about 10days. My hair seems much healthier you ask? Well, my hair looks darker to me and more manageable. The frizz has reduced and my hair looks way more lush than before.


argan de luxe shampoo

About Argan De Luxe Conditioner

  • Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner provides instant nourishment, delivers shine, softness and suppleness to the hair
  • Fiber is protected against dryness and environmental damage

Price: INR800 for 300ml and INR1140 for 500ml


argan de luxe conditioner review

My experience with Argan De Luxe Conditioner

The conditioner is quite thick and I need about 4 pumps to for my hair. It rinses off easily and isn’t sticky at all.


argan de luxe conditioner review+ argan de luxe conditioner ingredients


I  am not in love with this. Yes, it helps with the frizz, but it also weighs down my hair. Even though I don’t apply this to the roots of my hair, it still weighs down my mane and after using this, my scalp even gets a bit oily (even though I don’t apply it on my scalp). I usually wash my hair every 2days but when I use this conditioner, I need to wash my hair every alternate day.


argan de luxe conditioner

My verdict on the Argan De Luxe Shampoo & Conditioner

I love the shampoo and would recco it to everyone regardless of your hair type Its great for treated hair too. But the conditioner is definitely not for oily scalps since it will just serve to make it oiler than ever. Those with super dry scalps would love it though.


argan de luxe conditioner review+ argan de luxe

What I like about Argan De Luxe Shampoo & Conditioner

  • The shampoo is amazing. Did wonders to my frizzy dry hair.
  • Dry scalps will love the conditioner
  • The shampoo would suit all hair types
  • Great for treated hair
  • Easy, useable packaging
  • Available onine on too

What I don’t like about Argan De Luxe Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Expensive
  • The conditioner is just not for oily scalps at all.

Rating: 5/5 for the shampoo & 3.5/5 for the conditioner

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  1. I`m so so so so so okay – I~m like lusting for these now. Sighs. 😛 But they are really pricey 😛 Looks so good this stuff – so milky and full of goodness – loved the pictures <3

    • Oily scalp ke liye I really don’t think this will work nav..especially d weighed down my normal frizzy hair to tere baalon ko to chipku bana dega..

  2. Using the hair mask from this range, and really soothes down my dry hair, but yeah my hair gets oily the next day !!!


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