Armpit waxing tips for those who use razor

There are many of us who just so not have the time to visit parlor every fifteen days and get their armpit waxed.This leads to switching over to razor.Though I have come across many woman who complaint that after using razor their armpits got darker but there are actresses like Kareena Kapoor who uses it too.If you don’t have the time and the patience then it is always better to switch to razor rather than  hiding your armpits or avoiding cut sleeves.
Below tips can help you out while doing armpit waxing through razor.
*Always take a shower first and wet your armpits before waxing them off as this makes the hair soft and supple.
*Apply any oil based cream, moisturizer, hair conditioner to further soften them.
*Use female skin-based razor.I have used my father razor in my school days and I am sure there will be many of us who would have done this disaster to themselves.Waxing with mans razor leaves a bad effect on the arm pit region.It is always advisable to use three -blade razor that provides extra flexibility and is best suited for the arm pit region.
*The technique of removing the hair is quiet important.One should start removing are pit hair first and go downward near your breast and then move towards upward.Repeat the same process but slowly till the arm pit region is cleaned.
*Many strokes can lead to burning sensation and therefore it is always advisable to use as less strokes as possible.
*It always helps if arm pit waxing is done at night as it gives the skin the time to rest and breathe.
*Apply Aloe Vera gel as it soothes the skin after waxing.
*Do not use any deodorant or perfume for one day atleaste to avoid burning sensation.And this to scare you or make you laugh a bit 😀

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