Aroma Madanadi Ubatan Review



Ubtan – Aroma Madanadi Ubtan

  • What the product claims: – Old fashioned, time tested earth treatment with pure herbal extracts.
  • Size: 110 gram
  • Price: Rs. 125/-

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Ingredients: I could only get the benefits of the following:

  • Nagarmotha: Useful in reducing white spots on skin.
  • Karanj: Anti acne.
  • Daru haldi : Treats blemishes and pimples.


Aroma’s Madanadi ubatan review+Aroma magic mandanadi ubtan reviews

  • How to use ubtan – Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding eyes. Allow it to dry for 10-15 mins. Remove with wet sponge and wash with cool water.  Use weekly.


Aroma’s Madanadi ubatan reviews


What I liked about Aroma’s Madanadi Ubtan

  • The smell is herbal.
  • Its consistency is not so thick making it easy to spread.
  • Aroma products are easily available. I have seen them at many places.
  • Though I couldn’t find the properties of many herbs, still there presence feels good.
  • This face pack doesn’t sting.
  • It gives a glow to skin after usage.
  • The price is reasonable.


What I do not like about Aroma  Madanadi Ubtan


  • The grainy particles are too big and don’t offer the scrubbing effect, rather they sort of scratch.
  • Besides the temporary glow, it doesn’t do anything to the skin.

I got this product as my friend was going gaga over the hair oil from the same brand, but it failed to impress me. I won’t be buying it again .


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  1. Lovely review as usual Ashu..i luv ubtrans but i guess this is gona be a no-no for my sensi skin…any recoos for a gud ubten for myu kinda skin?

  2. Nice review Ashu! I have been seeing this brand in many Ayurvedic shops since a couple of years in Pune and Mumbai but never dared to buy. Now toh no possibility! 😀


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