Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20


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In this day and age everyone is concious about their skin and sun protection.  I have already reviewed two sunscreens one from Clinique and one from Clarins.  I have even explained UVA and UVB rays in detail in them.  You can read both the reviews here and here 🙂

I was in the beauty shop the other day and I couldn’t help notice the Aroma Magic section.  I generally like their products because they specialize in oils and cosmetic products based on the concept of Aromatherapy.  These kinds of cosmetics are indeed the most natural and very distinct from Herbal ones.  They have a rare synergy of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy.

My eyes fell on this tube and I thought ummm chalo lets give it a try.  I thought I would keep it in my bag because I often forget to put on my sunscreen  and then, once out I start hiding in the shade.

  • Price: 180
  • Quantity: 120 ml


Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20+gel sunscreen

What Aroma Magic says about it’s sunscreen

This light, nutrient rich gel contains sunscreen that provides full protection against UVA & UVB sun rays. It forms an invisible barrier on your skin, that holds moisture in & provides effective sun protection.  Also prevents ageing & tanning.

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Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20+aroma therapy products


The active ingredients are the only ones mentioned :  Extracts of Aloe Vera, Rose and Carrot,  Benzaphenone and pure essential oils of  Rose and Lavender.

What is this big word – BENZAPHENONE?  is an aromatic ketone, an important compound in organic photochemistry and perfumery.  Benzophenones can act as optical filters or deactivate substrate molecules that have been excited by light for the protection polymers and organic substances. They, cosmetic grades, are used as sunscreen agents to reduce skin damage by blocking UV-A, B.

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Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20+sunscreen for oily skin


Overall,  I like this sunscreen. It’s got those lovely oils in it and it is also good enough for those with oily skin.  The only draw back I see is that after about half an hour of use I feel like I have half the dirt of Mumbai on my face.  If you look at the exhaust fan in your kitchen you an see the oil that collects on the blades well that is how my face becomes, dark and oily.  The gel has this quality of sucking all the dirt from the air and transfering it on to your face.

I will keep it my handbag and use it for my hands and feet when I go out and forget my sunscreen.  Of course I will not be buying another tube of it.  I am just too pleased with my Clarins sunscreen.


What I like about Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20


  • Pea sized amount is enough to GENEROUSLY cover the entire face.
  • Blends into the skin and gets absorbed easily
  • Lovely fragrance that’s not over the top. Dissapears on application
  • Suits normal, dry and oily skinned people.
  • Has UVA and UVB protection
  • Made with a lot of natural ingredients
  • Attractive packaging
  • Not too heavy on the skin natural
  • Did not cause any breakouts
  • Promotes aroma therapy
  • Quality product from a Reputed Indian Brand
  • Not tested on animals


 What I dont like about Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20


  • The cap of the tube may open if u keep it in your hand bag.
  • Somehow after half an hour of wearing it my face gets horribly sticky.  It acts like an exhaust and sucks the dirt onto the face.

Have you tried Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20?


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